Computer Graphic | Questions and Answers

Computer Graphic | Mock Test

Question 1
The transformation in which the dimension of an object are changed relative to a specified fixed point is called
Select one:
a. Rotation
b. Scaling
c. Reflection
d. Translation

The correct answer is: Scaling
Question 2
………………. is responsible for accessing the frame buffer to refresh the screen.
Select one:
a. Video controller
b. Frame Buffer
c. CPU
d. Graphics package
The correct answer is: Video controller
Question 3
Two consecutive scaling transformation t1 and t2 are
Select one:
a. None of these
b. Multiplicative
c. Additive
d. Subtractive
The correct answer is: Multiplicative
Question 4
The equation of scaling transformation will be
Select one:
A. X1=x+Tx,y1=y+Ty,z1=z+Tz
C. Both of these
D. None
The correct answer is:,,
Question 5
In which environment has been one of the most accepted tool for computer graphics in business and graphics design studios
Select one:
a. Macintosh
b. multimedia
c. quake
d. graphics
The correct answer is: Macintosh
Question 6
Why a circle drawn on the screen appears to be elliptical ?
Select one:
a. It is due to the aspect ratio of monitor
b. Our eyes are not at the same level on screen
c. CRT is completely spherical
d. Screen has rectangular shape
The correct answer is: It is due to the aspect ratio of monitor
Question 7
Random scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time
Select one:
The correct answer is ‘True’.
Question 8
The maximum number of points that can be displayed without overlap on a CRT
Select one:
a. Aspect Ratio
b. Pixel
c. Resolution
d. Brightness
The correct answer is: Resolution
Question 9
Pixel can be arranged in a regular
Select one:
A. One dimensional grid
B. Three dimensional grid
C. Two dimensional grid
D. None of these
The correct answer is: Two dimensional grid
Question 10
Higher the number of pixels,_______ the image quality
Select one:
A. Bad
B. Better
C. Smaller
D. None of above
The correct answer is: Better

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