Computer Network | Questions and Answers

Computer Network | Mock Test

Question 1
What is the major application of UDP
Select one:
a. Small office network
b. Multimedia
c. Scheduling
d. LAN communication

The correct answer is: Multimedia
Question 2
Which of the methods mentioned below is not a valid Request Header?
Select one:
a. Host
b. Accept-Language
c. Set-Cookie
d. If-Modified-Since
The correct answer is: Set-Cookie
Question 3
How long does it take to send a file of 384,000 bits from host A to host B over a circuit-switched network?
Assume the following:
• All link speeds are 1.536 Mbps
• Each link uses TDM with 8 slots/sec
• 400 msec are required to establish end-to-end circuit
Select one:
a. 2.4 secs
b. 0.9 secs
c. 2.04 secs
d. 0.65 secs
The correct answer is: 0.9 secs
Question 4
What is the total size of TCP Segment
Select one:
a. 16 bits
b. 8 bits
c. 64 bits
d. 32 bits
The correct answer is: 32 bits
Question 5
Suppose within your web browser you click on a link to obtain a Web page. The IP address of the associated URL is cached in your local host, so a DNS lookup is not necessary to obtain the IP address. Suppose that the webpage associated with the link contains exactly one object consisting of a small amount of HTML text, which references 10 very small objects on the same server. Let RTT’ denote the RTT between the local host and the server containing the object. Assuming zero transmission time of the object. How much time is needed to get the to retrieve the web page fully, in the following cases:
a. Non-persistent HTTP with no parallel TCP connections?
b. Persistent HTTP?
.Select one:
a. 22RTT’, 3RTT’
b. 20RTT’, 3RTT’
c. 20RTT’, 2RTT’
d. 22RTT’, 2RTT’
The correct answer is: 22RTT’, 3RTT’
Question 6
……………….. is designed for the connectionless protocol such as User Datagram Protocol(UDP).
Select one:
a. Stream socket
b. . Raw socket
c. . Datagram socket
d. Berkeley socket
The correct answer is: . Datagram socket
Question 7
Which of the following statements regarding the Internet Structure is FALSE?
Select one:
a. A Tier 3 or Local ISP may decide to be a direct customer of a Tier 1 ISP
b. Each Tier 2 or Regional ISP is a customer of one or more Tier 1 ISPs
c. A Tier 1 ISP has a national or international coverage over a wide area, and has a network consisting of high end routers and links with high bandwidth
d. A Tier 2 ISP cannot peer privately with one or more Tier-2 ISPs
The correct answer is: A Tier 2 ISP cannot peer privately with one or more Tier-2 ISPs
Question 8
What is the solution for Silly Window syndrome in TCP
Select one:
a. Karn Partridge Algorithm
b. Nagles Algorithm
c. Sliding Window Protocol
d. Go-Back N protocol
The correct answer is: Nagles Algorithm
Question 9
The time difference between the instant at which a transport connection is requested and the instant at which it is confirmed is called as ……..
Select one:
a. Priority delay
b. Protection delay
c. Transit delay
d. Connection establishment delay
The correct answer is: Transit delay
Question 10
What is the average rate for fairness in TCP for K sessions with R bandwidth
Select one:
a. (R/K )+1
b. K/R
c. (K/R)+1
d. R/K
The correct answer is: R/K

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