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Banking | Testing | Mock Test

An inactive account moves into which status when there are no customer transactions
a. Active
b. Inactive
c. Blocked
d. Dormant

Answer : Dormant
Bank requires a facility to send swift message to their corresponding bank in case of
a. Local DD issuance
b. Foreign DD issuance
c. Both A and B
d. Only A
Answer : Foreign DD issuance
BPD environment is defined under which of the environments
a. Testing
b. Training
c. Production
d. Development
Answer : Development
CASA stands for
a. Charges Applied for Services availed
b. Current account Savings account
c. Channels Application and Smart Application
d. Customer Appreciation for Standards Aimed
Answer : Current account Savings account
CIF stands for
a. Customer identification File number
b. Consumer Identification File number
c. Customer Indemnity file number
d. Corporate identification file number
Answer : Customer identification File number
Bill payable after stipulated period or bill after period
a. Document against payment
b. Document against acceptance
c. Option A and Option B
d. s
Answer : Document against payment
Bill payable immediately on demand or bill at sight
a. Document against bill
b. Document against acceptance
c. Option A and Option B
d. Option A or Option B
Answer : Document against acceptance
Which method is opted for one time scale
a. Open account
b. Cash in advance
c. Letter of credit
d. Bills of goods
Answer : Cash in advance
Customer can cancel the forward contract made with bank
a. On due date
b. After due date
c. Before due date
d. All
Answer : All
FOB stands for
a. Free of board
b. Free to Board
c. Free on board
d. Free on bridge
Answer : Free on board

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