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A Cash Deposit transaction done through ATM will come under
a. Regulatory Report
b. Customer Report
c. Transaction Report
d. All of the above

Answer : Transaction Report
An abstract test suite gentarated using an MBT tool can be directly executed against an System under test.
a. This is always true
b. Depends upon the model designed
c. This can never be true
d. The test execution is independent of the model designed
Answer : Depends upon the model designed
Business Disaster can happen due to
a. System Crash
b. Non Availability of Resources
c. Non Availability of Clients
d. All of the above
Answer : System Crash
C24 is an Integration layer associated with
a. Bankmaster
b. Temenos
c. Flexcube
d. Finacle
Answer : Finacle
Change management and communication comes under which of the following risks
a. Maintenance Risks
b. Banks Readiness
c. General Risks
d. Meeting Legal and Regulatory Norms
Answer : Banks Readiness
Which bank deals with issued a credit and the reimbursement authorization under that credit
a. Issuing bank
b. Claiming bank
c. Reimbursement bank
d. Negotiate bank
Answer : Issuing bank
Dealing department consists of
a. Dealers
b. Mid officer staff
c. Back office staff
d. All the above
Answer : All the above
Presettlement and settlement risk is called as
a. Liquidity risk
b. Market risk
c. Legal risk
d. Credit risk
Answer : Credit risk
risk that the bank will be unable to meet its funding requirements or execute a transaction at a reasonable price called as
a. Liquidity risk
b. Market risk
c. Legal risk
d. Credit risk
Answer : Liquidity risk
The account which is maintained in abroad for settlement of receipts and payment regarding foreign exchange transactions are called as
a. Vostro Account
b. Internal account
c. Nostro account
d. Option A and B
Answer : Nostro account

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