CA LISA Service Test Testing Questions and Answers

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A staging document is used to:
a. HTML Playback
b. REST Execution in ITR
c. Give Load Pattern
d. Web-service Execution in ITR

Answer : Give Load Pattern 
A subscriber can be Async in JMS messaging only if type is
a. Topic
c. Topic – ASYNC
d. Queue
Answer : Queue 
Headers can be specified for SOAP Web services here
a. Headers Tab
b. Customization Tab
c. Automatically – manually
d. Headers are not allowed to be specified
Answer : Headers Tab 
How can you loop through using a Data from CSV file?
a. HR
b. PS
c. DataGen
Answer : HR  
In terms of licensing, how does workstation work?
a. They talk to Licenser Server directly
b. The workstations talk to Registry
c. The workstation talks to CA server
d. The workstation talks to Coordinator server directly
Answer : The workstations talk to Registry 
JNDI stands for
a. Java Network Detection Interfaces
b. Java Naming and directory Interface
c. Java Naming Detection Interface
d. Java Naming Detection Interface Method
Answer : Java Naming and directory Interface 
Schema Analysis for a WSDL can be performed from ?
a. Library Manager
b. Schema Library
c. Data Models
d. Synchronization View
Answer : Schema Library 
Tag is not visible because
a. Tag’s default value is not configured
b. Tag has null value
c. Tag is referenced outside the test case as well
d. Tag is not exposed as output
Answer : Tag is not exposed as output 
The port you want to record is already in use, which file do you specify the configuration
a. server.xml
b. Configuraiton.xml
c. Registration.xml
d. librarysettings.xml
Answer : Registration.xml 
Think time may be given using
a. Sleep Action
b. Wait Action
c. Think Time Action
d. Wait time
Answer : Sleep Action 

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