Computer Networks Questions and Answers

Computer Networks Questions and Answers

Computer Networks MCQs contains set of 10 Computer Networks MCQ Questions With Answers which will help you to clear beginner level quiz.

1. Which two statements are true about the default operation of STP in a Layer 2 switched environment that has redundant connections between switches? (Choose two.)

A. The root switch is the switch with the highest speed ports.

B. Decisions on which port to block when two ports have equal cost depend on the port priority and identity.

C. All trunking ports are designated and not blocked.

D. Non-root switches each have only one root port.


2. Which two statements describe the BIDs used in a spanning tree topology? (Choose two.)

A. They are sent out by the root bridge only after the inferior BPDUs are sent.

B. They consist of a bridge priority and MAC address.

C. Only the root bridge will send out a BID.

D. They are used by the switches in a spanning tree topology to elect the root bridge.


3. In which two ways is the information that is contained in BPDUs used by switches? (Choose two.)

A. To negotiate a trunk between switches

B. To set the duplex mode of a redundant link

C. To identify the shortest path to the root bridge

D. To determine which ports will forward frames as part of the spanning tree


4. Which two actions does an RSTP edge port take if it receives a BPDU? (Choose two.)

A. immediately loses its edge status

B. Inhibits the generation of a TCN

C. Disables itself

D. Becomes a normal spanning-tree port


5. Which two items are true regarding the spanning-tree port fast command? (Choose two.)

A. Port Fast is Cisco proprietary.t

B. Port Fast can negatively affect DHCP services.

C. Port Fast is used to more quickly prevent and eliminate bridging loops.

D. If an access port is configured with Port Fast, it immediately transitions from a blocking to a forwarding state.t


6. _____ is used for network discovery.




D. none of these


7. _______ is the default mode of switch in VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP)

A. Server mode

B. Client mode

C. Transparent mode

D. Switching mode


8. In Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) the bridge ID in combination of priority and ________.



C. Loopback IP

D. none of these


9. Any active port that is not a root-port or a designated-port is a blocked-port.

A. Yes

B. No


10. RSTP adds new bridge port roles in order to speed convergence following a link failure

A. portfast

B. root port

C. BR port

D. Switch port


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