Digital Channels Testing Questions and Answers

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An event on a page must get activated via
a. Only Keyboard
b. Only Mouse
c. Mouse and Keyboard
d. External peripherals

Answer : Mouse and Keyboard
Entry and exit points are essential to be checked for grouping element except
a. Table
b. Tab Strips
c. Trees
d. Image
Answer : Image
Every check box must have _________ labels
a. Text
b. Unique
c. Multiple
d. Same
Answer : Unique
Every input field must announce
a. Every input field must announce
b. Possible data
c. Input Prompts
d. All of the above
Answer : Every input field must announce
An element declaration specifies
a. a single markup element
b. zmarkup elements
c. markup data
d. the document data
Answer : a single markup element
Select the component which is NOT part of Selenium suite.
a. Selenium IDE
b. Selenium RC
c. SeleniumGrid
d. Selenium Web
Answer : Selenium Web
Select the name which is NOT the type of the locaters.
a. ID
b. Name
c. Password
d. Link Text
Answer : Password
Select the tab that shows which command Selenium IDE is currently executing
a. Variable
b. Data
c. Information
d. Info
Answer : Info
Select the tab which gives feedback and other useful information when executing tests.
a. Information
b. Feedback
c. Reference
d. Element
Answer : Reference
Select the View which shows your script in HTML format.
a. The Table View
b. The Source View
c. The Editor View
d. The Field View
Answer : The Source View

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