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A web Accessible Page must not contain
a. Images
b. Colours
c. Videos
d. It can contain all of the above

Answer : It can contain all of the above
All are Principles of Web Accessibility except
a. Perceivable
b. Operable
c. Robust
d. Visible
Answer : Visible 
JAWS is compatible only with
a. Ubuntu
b. Mac
c. Windows
d. Chrome OS
Answer : Windows 
Mac default Screen reader is called
a. OSX Voice
b. VoiceOver
c. OSX Speak
d. iTunes
Answer : VoiceOver
Select the browser which is supported buy Selenium IDE
a. Google chrome
b. Mozilla FireFox
c. IE
d. Opera
Answer : Mozilla FireFox
Select the command in Selenium iDe to open a page using a url.
a. OpenBrowser
b. open
c. OpenTable
d. Opentext
Answer : open
Select the command which is used to print a string value or a variable in Selenium IdE
a. display
b. print
c. echo
d. printr
Answer : echo
Select the OS which is NOT supported by Selenium IDE
a. Unix
b. Linux
c. Windows
d. Solaris
Answer : Unix
The selenium can
a. access control within the desktop
b. access both desktop and web applications
c. only test web applications
d. All of the above
Answer : only test web applications
What does DTD stand for?
a. Direct Type Definition
b. Document Type Definition
c. Do The Dance
d. Dynamic Type Definition
Answer : Document Type Definition

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