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_________ advertising which allows for the insertion of multiple advertisements during a single timeslot is called
b. SCTE30
c. SCTE35
d. Targeted Linear

Answer : Targeted Linear
_________stores the inventory of active spots in compressed digital video files.
a. MVL
b. AVL
c. DB
d. None
Answer : MVL
________insert the content of the spot into the program feed to be delivered to the consumer.
a. AVL
b. TDN
c. DN
d. AI
Answer : AI
________stores the inventory of inactive spots in compressed digital format
a. MVL
b. AVL
c. DB
d. None
Answer : AVL
Ad Management Application functionalities include
a. Manage orders
b. Ad production
c. Meta data management
d. Both a and b
Answer : Both a and b
Ad Management Application process involves
a. Media Pool
b. Advertising Agencies
c. Central Marketing
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above
Ad Management system modules contains
a. Ad placement
b. Ad production
c. Ad booking
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above
Ads can be inserted based on which of the following parameters
a. Transmission time
b. Geographical location
c. User type
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above
All ECM products contain this feature
a. Workflow
b. Search
c. Document Management
d. All of these
Answer : All of these
Benefits of BPM are
a. Boost employee productivity and enhances operational efficiency
b. Improves product and service quality through process analysis
c. Tackle changing market and competitive conditions
d. All the above
Answer : All the above

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