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Dynatrace | Mock Test

BTM in dynaTrace stands for
a. Batch To Memory
b. Business Transaction Monitoring
c. Business Traffic Monitoring
d. Hits monitoring

Answer : Business Transaction Monitoring
_____ is used to do end to end analysis irrespective of type of requests getting processed at any tier.
a. dynaTrace server
b. System Profile
c. Analysis Server
d. User experience
Answer : System Profile
A monitor instance is executed on a dynaTrace?
a. dynaTrace Server
b. dynaTrace Collector
c. dynaTrace Agent
d. Purepath
Answer : dynaTrace Collector
A process is considered Red (Unhealthy) if the GC time exceeds _______ of its execution time threshold
a. 0.1
b. 0.15
c. 0.27
d. 0.3
Answer : 0.15
Agent sends all the information to collector in:
a. Bitcode
b. Bytecode
c. Hexadecimal format
d. Decimal format
Answer : Bytecode
Agents are version locked in which license edition:
a. Test edition
b. Production edition
c. Development edition
d. Cannot Say
Answer : Production edition
All the MPS are stored as ?
a. PurePath
b. Primepath
c. Pulsepath
d. Passpath
Answer : PurePath
By how many ways we can export the sequential diagram.
a. Export visible area
b. Export complete sequence diagram
c. Both a and b
d. Sequence diagram is not possible from dynaTrace
Answer : Both a and b
_____ component of DT stores processed measure data delivered by the agents
a. DT Collector
b. DT Analysis Server
c. Performance Warehouse
d. DT Frontend server
Answer : Performance Warehouse
_____ specifies the maximum number of Agents per Agent type that can connect to the Dynatrace Server on which the license is installed
a. License
b. License Type
c. License State
d. License Version
Answer : License

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