Trend Nxt ERP Test Automation | Question and Answers

ERP Test Automation | Mock Test

What is the full form of ERP
a. Enterprise Result Planning
b. Enterprise Resource Planning
c. Enterprise Resource Packages
d. EOC Register Protocol

Answer : Enterprise Resource Planning
Which one is not an ERP product
a. SAP
b. Oracle APPS
c. Siebel
d. Windows 10
Answer : Windows 10
In UFT “Print” Dialog is replaced by
a. Console Pane
b. Call Stack
c. Output Pane
d. Load Modules
Answer : Output Pane
Which of the following is not supported by UFT
a. Recording in low level mode
b. API testing
c. Headless testing
d. Localized Testing
Answer : Localized Testing
What are the three Commands that are supported for managing privileges for modifications in multiuser workspaces
a. Checkout, Update all and Checkin all
b. Checkin Tree
c. Update all,Check in
d. Checkin all
Answer : Checkout, Update all and Checkin all
What are the two default user groups in TOSCA.
a. Users
b. DB Admins
c. User Group
d. All Users and Admins
Answer : All Users and Admins
Which symbol is used if the element is checked out (locked) for the exclusive use of the current user and it is reserved to be edited by the current user.
a. Red Symbol
b. White Symbol
c. No Symbol
d. Green Symbol
Answer : Green Symbol
Which is the shortcut key to run TestCases in Scratchbook?
a. F7
b. F8
c. F6
d. F5
Answer : F6
Action Modes in Tosca are used in which level of TestCase hierarchy
a. TestCase Folder
b. TestStep
c. TestCase
d. TestStepValue
Answer : TestStepValue
Which Operator determines verification in TOSCA
a. Physical
b. Assignment
c. Relational
d. Logical
Answer : Logical

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