Essbase Expert Quiz

Essbase Expert Quiz

Essbase Expert Quiz contain set of 100 MCQ questions for Essbase MCQ which will help you to clear Expert level quiz.

1) Can you assign member formula to Label Only Parent Member

  1. You can assign member formula to any level members in BSO
  2. You cannot assign member formula
  3. You can assign member formula to parent members including label only
  4. You can assign member formula at leaf level only
Answer : B



2) Which of the following statement is true

  1. Attributes cannot be assigned to shared members
  2. Attributes and UDAs can be assigned to shared members
  3. Only UDAs can be assigned to shared members
  4. Attributes can be assigned to shared members
Answer : A



3) Which are the cases of Implicit Sharing

1.A parent has only one child

2.A parent has only one child that consolidates to the parent


  1. Case 1
  2. Case 2
  3. Case 1 and Case 2
  4. Case 1 and Case 2 don’t form implicit sharing case
Answer : C



4) If you wish to load the data from Jan to Dec using single rule file, Which column should be defined as Data Column in Rule file

  1. Jan
  2. Dec
  3. None
  4. First column to the left of Jan
Answer : C



5) Dimension reference method in rule file is used when

  1. Member names are unique in database
  2. Member names only across alternate hierarhcy repeats
  3. Duplicate member names in different dimensions
  4. This is same as parent child method
Answer : C



6) In Essbase BSO data load process, the three stages of data load are:-

  1. Input, Process, Write
  2. Input, Prepare, Commit
  3. Input, Process, Commit
  4. Input, Prepare, Write
Answer : D



7) Aggregate Storage Cache in ASO is used for

  1. Data loads & Calculations
  2. Aggregations
  3. Data Load & Retrievals
  4. B & C
Answer : D



8) Change the top member of a stored hierarchy from label-only to stored or from stored to label-only will lead to

  1. Low Performance Impact
  2. High Performance Impact
  3. Performance in ASO is independent of Member Properties
  4. ASO is highly scalable, hence performance will be same
Answer : B



9) Perform a light restructure change to an attribute dimension leads to

  1. Preserving Aggregate Views
  2. Clearing Aggregate Views
  3. Reset of Data
  4. Removal of attribute dimension
Answer : B



10) The first hierarchy in a dimension where multiple hierarchies are enabled cannot contain a shared member ?

  1. This statement is true
  2. This statement is false
  3. Depends on the design, essbase provides flexibility to create shared members in first hierarchy where multiple hierarchy is tagged.
  4. First hierarchy if it is dynamic hierarchy, then this is possible
Answer : A



11) A stored hierarchy can contain a nonshared instance and a shared instance of the same member.

  1. This is possible
  2. This is not possible in ASO
  3. This is possible in latest version of Essbase
  4. This is possible in Planning with ASO
Answer : B



12) Can you invoke a MaxL script within a MaxL Script

  1. You can invoke
  2. You cannot invoke
  3. As a best practice you should not invoke, however essbase gives you feature to invoke
  4. Essbase will issue warning message
Answer : A



13) Which MaxL parameter allows users with sufficient permissions to make request to database

  1. Enable Connects
  2. Enable Updates
  3. Enable Commands
  4. Enable Startup
Answer : C



14) What does below MaxL statement would do “alter database sample.basic set lock_timeout after 30;”

  1. It will lock all the excel-addin users for 30 minutes
  2. It will lock all the blocks for 30 minutes
  3. Change the interval to wait for blocks to be unlocked for 30 seconds
  4. Change the interval to wait for blocks to be unlocked for 30 minutes
Answer : C



15) Using MaxL, if local macro is registered, how many token names are required

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 0
Answer : B



16) Create Outline in MaxL is useful for ?

  1. Creating BSO Outlines
  2. Extracting BSO Outlines
  3. Creating standalone ASO Outlines
  4. Converting BSO outlines to ASO outlines
Answer : D



17) If users wants to report on Actual without modifying it, but want to update forecast numbers frequently, Which partition technique works best

  1. Replicated
  2. Linked
  3. Transparent
  4. Any of them is correct
Answer : C



18) Identify the two true statements about incremental loading.

A. Allows for real time data access for end users
B. Creates “subcubes” along the main slice in the database
C. Materialization of slices is required to provide users the correct query results
D. Different materalized views may exist within a slice as compared to the main slice of the database

  1. A & B
  2. B&C
  3. A&D
  4. B&D
Answer : D



19) In ASO what applies –

  1. One should have as many as possible stored hierarchy
  2. One should have as many as possible alternate hierarchy
  3. Member formulas are only associated with Stored hierarchy
  4. Hierarchy tagged as account has to be stored


  1. A
  2. A & B
  3. C&D
  4. A & D
Answer : A



20) In ASO Compression, which 2 are correct –

  1. RLE compression works well for consecutive zero values or repeating values within a database.
  2. Bitmap compression is the default compression method.
  3. The Accounts dimension is tagged the compression dimension


  1. C&D
  2. A&B
  3. B&C
  4. A&D
Answer : B



21) You should back up the following three for BSO.

  1. Hyperion_Home \common
  2. Essbaseinstallfolder\bin
  3. Essbaseinstallfolder \app\appname
  4. Essbaseinstallfolder \locale
  5. Essbase.sec
  6. Essbase.cfg


  1. CEF
  2. ABC
  3. CDE
  4. ABC
Answer : A



22) Identify four disadvantages / considerations when using a transparent partition.

  1. Old data
  2. Slow retrievals
  3. Slow calculations if referencing dynamic calc members in the source
  4. Outline sync complexities
  5. Increased network load
  6. Downtime


  1. ABCD
  2. BCDE
  3. ADBC
  4. BCAF
Answer : B



23) Identify the two true statements about expense reporting tags.

  1. Provide accurate time balance calculations
  2. Provide accurate variance reporting on revenue and expense accunts
  3. Are assigned to the dimension tagged Time
  4. Are assigned to the dime


  1. A & D
  2. B & C
  3. B & D
  4. A & D
Answer : C



24) Which three options will clear query tracking results in ASO?

  1. Materialize an aggregation
  2. Clear the data in the database
  3. Stop the vapplication
  4. Turn off
  5. Change an outline


  1. ABC
  2. ABE
  3. ABD
  4. CDE
Answer : C



25) What are the three rules for Shared Members in ASO?

  1. A Multiple Hierarchy Enabled dimension can have shared members
  2. When a hierarchy is tagged Multiple Hierarchies Enabled, it must be store
  3. The alternate hierarchy has shared members that refer


  1. ABC
  2. ACD
  3. ABD
  4. BCD
Answer : B



26) The data block density for a particular BSO database is between 10% and 90%, and data values within the clock do not consecutively repeat. Which type of compression would be most appropriate to use?

  1. Bitmap
  2. RLE
  3. ZLIB
  4. No compression required


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
Answer : A



27) You need to calculate average units sold by the customer dimension within an ASO database. The member formula should calculate correctly regardless of level within the customer dimension. Identify the correct syntax for the member formula.

  1. @AVG (SKIPB
  2. A
  3. E
  4. B&D
  5. C
Answer : C



28) While loading the data in native mode what is the key issue that you will face if you encounter the first error record

  1. All the other records will be loaded except first
  2. Only first record will be loaded, rest all will be rejected
  3. Nothing will be loaded to database, all records gets rejected
  4. Warning message will be issued, but all the records except first will be loaded
Answer : C



29) Which access level overrides all the other access levels ?

  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Metaread
  4. None
Answer : C



30) What is server access role in Essbase ?

  1. Ability to access any application or database that has a minimum access permission other than none.
  2. Ability to access any application or database that has a minimum access permission other than read.
  3. Ability to access any application or database that has a minimum access permission other than write.
  4. Ability to access any application or database that has a minimum access permission other than metaread.
Answer : A



31) If a parent member has one child, and if that child is a Dynamic Calc, two-pass member, the parent member

  1. Dynamic
  2. Dynamic and Two Pass
  3. Two Pass
  4. Label Only
Answer : B



32) In a Hybrid Analysis outline, only the level 0 members of a dimension can be Hybrid Analysis-enabled ?

  1. This statement is true
  2. This statement is false
  3. This is partially true because all the level members can be hybrid enabled
  4. Only parent level members can be hybrid enabled not the level-0
Answer : A



33) How can you copy a field keeping original field intact ?

  1. Use Create using Join
  2. Use Create using Text
  3. Use Split
  4. Join
Answer : A



34) If select and reject criteria in Rule files are applied to the same record, What is the end result

  1. Record is Selected
  2. Record is Rejected
  3. Removed from Data source file
  4. Rule file would result in error due to conflicting setting
Answer : B



35) Which of the following statements are true:-

1. CALC DIM is faster than AGG for calculating sparse dimensions
2. AGG ignores member formulas while CALC DIM doesn’t
3. AGG is for high speed consolidations, while CALC commands affects performance of consolidations

  1. 1-TRUE
  2. 2-FALSE
  3. 3-TRUE


  1. 1-FALSE
  2. 2-TRUE
  3. 3-TRUE


  1. 1-TRUE
  2. 2-FALSE
  3. 3-FALSE


  1. 1-FALSE
  2. 2-FALSE
  3. 3-FALSE
Answer : B



36) Assuming Time dimension hierarchy is from Jan to Dec, What will the output of the following statement for the month of Jan

“Prev Asset” = @SHIFT(Asset,-1);


  1. Dec Value
  2. Feb Value
  3. 0
  4. #Missing
Answer : D



37) <SPARSE is used in Report scripts for

  1. To only access sparse members
  2. To use sparse data extraction methods
  3. Only access #Missing values
  4. To extract data from Dynamic Calc members
Answer : B



38) If member formula is changed for a sparse member, Will Essbase mark block as Dirty ?

  1. It will mark block as dirty irrespective of .cfg settings
  2. It won’t mark block as dirty with default .cfg settings
  3. Both A & B
  4. .cfg settings do not affect this internal behaviour of Essbase
Answer : B



39) During the Essbase Restructure operation, essxxxxx.ind is renamed to

  1. ind
  2. inn
  3. inm
  4. inr
Answer : C



40) What does Cache Memory Locking does ?

  1. Always improves performance
  2. Gives Essbase Kernal priority usage of RAM
  3. Locks the Data cache
  4. Locks L1 and L2 cache of Operating System for Essbase
Answer : B



41) Linked Attributes in ASO helps to

  1. Analyze data for static time periods
  2. Analyze data in terms of relative position within time periods
  3. Analyze data across any dimensions other than time period
  4. Analyze the data for Dynamic Time Series
Answer : B



42) Create Date Time Wizard in ASO provides which calendar types

  1. Fiscal
  2. Gregorian
  3. Customer
  4. A & B
Answer : D



43) Atomic replacement of the contents of the database is supported in ASO ?

  1. Supported
  2. Unsupported
  3. Partially supported
  4. This feature is present in upcoming releases
Answer : A



44) Overlapping Partition is allowed in

  1. Linked Partition
  2. Transparent Partition
  3. Replicated Partition
  4. Replicated and Transparent
Answer : A



45) For Linked Partition Databases, Account Creation for user should happen at

  1. One of the Data Sources
  2. All the Data targets
  3. All the databases
  4. Atleast on one source and one target database
Answer : C



46) Which six files are involved in data base recovery for block storage option after a database crash?

A. Essn.pag – data
B. Essn.ind – index
C. Essn.dat
D. Temp.dat
E. Dbname.esm – kernel file that contains control information for db recovery
F. Dbname.tct – transaction control table
G. Dbname.ind – free fragment file for data and index free fragments
H. Dbname.otl
I. Metadata folder

Answer : C



47) Assuming Scenario and Year are sparse and Accounts is dense, what two actions will following calc script perform?

FIX (Actual, &CY, Sales) DATAEXPORT”BINFILE” “data. txt”; ENDFIX

A. Export the data for actual, current year, sales into a text file called data.txt
B. Export the data for actual, current year into a taxt file called data.txt
C. Export data blocks in a compressed encrypted format
D. Create a text file that can be imported using the DATAIMPORTBIN calc command in another database that has different dimensionality

  1. A & C
  2. C & D
  3. A & B
  4. B & C
Answer : A



48) A calculation script is performend on a databased for which Create Block on Equation is OFF. The command SET CREATEBLOCKONEQ ON is issued immediately before an equation in the script. Which statement accurately describes when blocks will be created?

A. Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns non-constant values to members of a spatse dimension
B. Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns constant values to members of a spatse dimension
C. Blocks will be created when the equation assigns either constant or non-constant values to members of a spare dimension.
D. No blocks will be created.

  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
Answer : C



49) Market size is an attribute dimension with the following members: Large, Medium, Small. Which of the following option below represent valid syntax statements in a calc script?

  1. A. FIX (@ATTRIBUTE(Large))
    B. Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, “Market Size”);
    C. Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, Market Size);
    D. FIX(Large)


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
Answer : A



50) Moving a stored entity member in a sparse dimension causes______.

  1. a Full restructure
  2. an Index restructure
  3. an Outline restructure
  4. No restructure


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
Answer : B



51) During a multidimensional analysis getting data from a supplemental data source is an example of______.

  1. Drill across
  2. Drill Through
  3. Trending
  4. Pivoting


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
Answer : B



52) Identify the true statement about the data cache.

  1. Data cache contains compressed data blocks
  2. Data cache contains uncompressed data blocks
  3. Data cache contains compressed index entries
  4. Data cache contains uncompressed data index entries


  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D
Answer : A



53) You are building a sales analysis model. In this model there is no requirement for calculation. The user needs to aggregate data across all dimensions and wants to archive many year of data. Archived data will be analyzed once in while. What types of cube

A. Block Storage
C. Aggregate Join
D. Virtual Cube

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
Answer : C



54) You are performing incremental loads to an ASO database during the day, providing near realtime data to the SaleDtl ASO database. Before the incremental load, you need to clear a specific set of data in the fastest amount of time possible. What is the bes

A. Partial clears are not supported for ASO
B. Perform a logical clear, using MDX to specify the region to be cleared
C. Perform a physical clear, using MDX to specify the region to be cleared
D. Run a calc script containing the CLEARDATA command and a set of FIX statements that isolate the desired data set
E. Run a calc script containing the CLEARBLOCK command and a set of FIX statements that isolate the desired data set

  1. B
  2. D
  3. E
  4. C
Answer : A



55) You have a reporting requirement to track and report the employee status for employees in your workforce ASO Essbase database. Employee status can change over time. One report requires employees down the rows and employee status across the columns. What i

A. Separate Employee status dimension
B. Text List
C. Smart List
D. Attribute dimension
E. Varying attribute dimension
F. Alternate hierarchy
G. User defined attribute

  1. A
  2. G
  3. F
  4. E
Answer : D



56) The following objects are considered metadata elements in Essbase Studio except for which two?

A. Dimensional element
B. Hierarchy
C. Cube Schema
D. Metaoutline
E. Essbase Model
F. Metamodel


  1. DF
  2. AB
  3. CD
  4. DE
Answer : A



57) You are trying to create a multidimensional model for Essbase and learn that your user wants to track commission for his sales persons, in addition to tracking sale by regions. When designing a multidimensional model, which two elements will serve as fact

  1. AB
  2. BD
  3. DE
  4. CD
Answer : B



58) Which is the best priority level providing complete information in DISPLAYMESSAGELEVEL

  1. INFO
  3. ERROR
Answer : A



59) How can you track the percentage progress of the calculation script ?

Answer : B



60) Which setting specifies the number of attempts Essbase is allowed to make a network connection before failing and reporting an error

Answer : A



61) If you are loading two files in parallel mode using load buffer, what should be resource usage setting ?

  1. 8
  2. 2
  3. 1
  4. 5
Answer : D



62) Which clear statement completes in time propotional to the input level cells in ASO ?

  1. Reset
  2. MDX Clear
  3. Physical Clear
  4. Logical Clear
Answer : C



63) Which clear statement completes in time propotional to the size of the data cleared in ASO ?

  1. Reset
  2. MDX Clear
  3. Physical Clear
  4. Logical Clear
Answer : D



64) Why do you create data slice in ASO ?

  1. Improves Calculation Performance
  2. Improves data loading performance
  3. Improves Incremental Data loading Performance
  4. A & B
Answer : C



65) What is incorrect with this statement:- Alter database appname.dbname clear data in region {(Jan, Forecast1),(Feb, Forecast2)};

  1. ; should not be there
  2. Region is symmetrical
  3. Region is Asymmetrical
  4. Members from Attribute dimensions cannot be used
Answer : C



66) If you encounter below statement in log files “For better performance, increase the size of aggregate storage cache”, What you should do as a best practice ?

  1. Double the ASO Cache
  2. Clear Aggregate Views and Rebuild them
  3. Increase the cache size to atleast 20% on current size
  4. Increase the cache size to atleast 20% of input data size
Answer : D



67) Why do you need to aggregate the ASO cube ?

  1. ASO cube never requires aggregation, it is dynamic
  2. It is needed if clear operations happens frequently
  3. If your DB Size is > 500MB, aggregation is must
  4. For larger size database, aggregation results in faster retrievals
Answer : D



68) Why it is recommended to use #MI instead of #MISSING ?

  1. #MISSING cannot be loaded into Essbase
  2. #MI consumes less space on disk than #MISSING
  3. #MI improves data load performance
  4. #MI and #MISSING have no impact on data loading. Its just a convention to use.
Answer : C



69) What should be position of data during data load to Essbase BSO in text file ?

  1. Dense Dimensions followed by Sparse Dimensions
  2. Sparse Dimensions followed by Dense Dimensions
  3. Sparse dimension members should be ordered as per outline
  4. Dense Dimension members should be ordered as per outline
Answer : C



70) Which of the following statements is true in context of Data export command

  1. It works with ASO only
  2. It can export data directly to client
  3. Contains multiple data format options
  4. As a part of calculation script, can be deployed as a batch process


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
Answer : D



71) Can Empty field be replaced with Text in Rule files ?

  1. You can replace this. It’s a multistep process
  2. You cannot achieve this in rule files
  3. Empty field replacement has to be done at source end.
  4. You can achieve this in a single step process
Answer : A



72) When SET CREATENONMISSINGBLK is ON, all sparse members formulas are executed in ?

  1. BOTTOM UP Mode
  2. BLOCK Mode
Answer : D



73) What will be the output of below calculation script, assuming there are no children to “100-10” Member



Calc Dim(Year);



  1. All the members of Year are computed based on hierarchy consolidation for the members that are fixed
  2. This calculation script is syntactically incorrect as CALC DIM should not be terminated with semicolon
  3. This calc script will result into empty sets
  4. This calc script will result into empty set only if there are children to “100-10”
Answer : C



74) @LOOPBACK is used in which calculation function

  1. @XRANGE
  2. @XREF
  3. @XWRITE
  4. @XRANGE and @XREF
Answer : C



75) Assuming “Total Sales” is calculated row and not a member name. What does following report writer command would do

{ CALCULATE ROW “Factored Sales” = “Total Sales” * [1.0 1.3 1.9 2.3 3.0

3.7 ] }


  1. To multiply the first six data columns of the calculated row “Total Sales” by the six factors and store the result in the calculated row “Factored Sales”
  2. Create 6 new computed rows for Factored Sales, each holding multiplication result based on Factors
  3. It will create seven different rows, the first six will hold six factors and the seventh row will hold multiplication result
  4. Two calculated rows will be formed. Factors are immaterial.
Answer : A



76) What will be the output of below report script

<PAGE (Market, Accounts, Scenario)

Chicago Sales Actual

<COLUMN (Year)


<ROW (Product)




  1. Only Qtr1 is displayed
  2. Qtr1 to Qtr3 are displayed
  3. Qtr1 and Qtr2 are displayed
  4. Row headings and Qtr1 is displayed
Answer : C



77) What does command {FEEDON} does in report script

  1. Inserts carriage return
  2. Inserts Page Break
  3. Change the page length settings
  4. Keep ON the FEED to output console
Answer : B



78) SAVEROW setting in report script helps to create a default row with name as

  1. rowMbr
  2. rowMbrName
  3. saverowMbr
  4. SaveRow
Answer : A



79) If Direct I/O is in place, which cache in Essbase BSO is used

Answer : B



80) Date time dimension in ASO is always

  1. Single Hierarchy, Dynamic
  2. Multiple Hierarchy, Stored
  3. Single Hierarchy, Stored
  4. Single Hierarchy, Dynamic
Answer : C



81) Which Triggers are not supported in ASO ?

  1. After Update
  2. On Update
  3. Both
  4. Before Update
Answer : B



82) Function Parallel Period in MDX works as combination of

  1. Ancestor





  1. 1,2,4
  2. 1,2,3,5
  3. 1,2,3
  4. 2,3,4,5
Answer : C



83) Which of the following type of Rank are possible in Rank function of MDX

  1. Ordinal Rank
  2. Dense Rank
  3. Sparse Rank
  4. .Percent Rank
  5. Percentile Rank


  1. 2,3,4
  2. 1,2,5
  3. 2,3
  4. 1,2,4
Answer : D



84) Which of the following are intrinsic Member Property in MDX









  1. All Except 7 & 8
  2. All Except 5,6,7 & 8
  3. All Except 3,4,6
  4. All Except 8
Answer : D



85) Which of the following functions improve performance of MDX when executing on large data sets



  1. Only 1
  2. Only 2
  3. Both 1 & 2
  4. These functions are not related to performance
Answer : C



86) Basic MDX Expression would have which of the following

1.With Specification

2.Axis Specification

3.Slicer Specification

4.Cube Specification

  1. 1,2,3
  2. 2,3
  3. 3,4
  4. 1,2,3,4
Answer : D



87) In transparent Partition, the suggested way to create partition for performance improvement is

  1. Partitioning along dense dimensions
  2. Partitioning across spare dimensions
  3. Partitioning across attribute dimensions
  4. Partitioning across UDAs
Answer : B



88) Which Partition type can be used if you want database to be invisible to end users

  1. Linked & Replicated
  2. Replicated & Transparent
  3. Linked & Transparent
  4. Only Linked
Answer : B



89) You have the following analysis requirement. Products roll up to Product Family which rolls up to Product Category. You also need to group Products by Product Manager. Product Managers may manage one or more Products across product families. You do not ne

A. Shared members provide cross tab reporting (Product Manager in the rows and Product Family across the column)
B. Share members provide additional categorization but results in a smaller database then if you were to add Product Manager as a separate dimension
C. You can assign security to shared members
D. Share members can be assigned to spares members only

  1. B & C
  2. A & D
  3. A & B
  4. C & D
Answer : A



90) In an aggregate storage database, which two are the correct member solve orders for Profit per Unit and Variance given the following: Profit Unit – Accounts dimension Variance – Scenario dimension When we say “correct,” we mean that both dynamic totals wi

A. Accounts 0, Profit Per Unit 0, Scenario 0, Variance 1
B. Accounts 0, Profit Per Unit 1, Scenario 0, Variance 0
C. Accounts 2, Profit Per Unit 0, Scenario 0, Variance 1
D. Accounts 2, Profit Per Unit 1, Scenario 1, Variance 2

  1. AD
  2. BC
  3. AB
  4. CD
Answer : A



91) You need to track and report the Store Close Date for all of the stores in your company in your block storage option database. Store close will vary by over time. Which three solutions would allow you to do this?

A. Attribute dimension based on Store
B. Varying attribute dimension with an Independent dimension of Time where Time contains both the Years and Months in the same dimension
C. Varying attribute with 2 Idependent dimensions, Periods and Fiscal Year
D. Measure called Store Close Date with a data type of date
E. User Defined attribute Store Close Data assigned to each stone

  1. ACD
  2. ABC
  3. CDE
  4. ADE
Answer : A



92) Identify the two true statements about materializaiton in ASO.

  1. When performing an incremental data load, aggregate views are updated.
  2. The database is not available during materialization
  3. Materialization can be tuned via query hints and hard re


  1. C&D
  2. A&D
  3. B&C
  4. A&B
Answer : B



93) What is the correct cariance formula for an ASO database that recognizes Expense and Non-expense accounts?

A. @Var(Actual, Budget);
B. @Var([Actual], [Budget])
C. [Actual] – [Budget] D. [Budget] – [Actual] E. IIF (IsUda([Measures.currentmember], “Expense”), [Budget] – [Actual], [Actual] – [Budget])

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. E
Answer : D



94) You receive the following error: Error: 1042017: Netork error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data. Which two settings in the Essbase.CFG are most commonly used to correct the issue?


  1. A&B
  2. B&C
  3. D&E
  4. C&A
Answer : B



95) Which statement related to Essbase design is true?

A. Calc scripts are nore efficient at performing calculations vs. member unary operators and member formulas
B. One big application is better than three smaller focused applications.
C. Attribute dimensions require less performance consideration in ASO databases because they are treated as alternate rollups
D. Attribute dimensions require less performance consideration in BSO databases because they are dynamically calculated
E. Bigger block sizes are better than smaller block sizes

  1. A
  2. B&D
  3. C
  4. D&E
Answer : C



96) Identify the two true statements about compression for block storage databases.

A. Index value pair compression works well for consecutive zero values or repeating values within a database.
B. RLE compression works well for consecutive zero values or repeating values within a database.
C. Bitmap compression is the default compression method.
D. The Accounts dimension is tagged the compression dimension by default.
E. Do not set compression for a dimension that has many members.

  1. AE
  2. BC
  3. AB
  4. DE
Answer : B



97) One or more sparse dimensions that essbase is not able to fit into bitmap are called as ?

  1. Bitmap dimensions
  2. Attribute Dimensions
  3. Standard Dimensions
  4. Anchoring Dimensions
Answer : D



98) Which option Essbase will prefer out of following as the first preference while executing calculation:-

  1. Single Anchoring, Multiple Bitmaps
  2. Single Anchoring, Single Bitmaps
  3. Multiple Anchoring, Single Bitmaps
  4. Multiple Anchoring, Multiple Bitmaps


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
Answer : A



99) How will you make sure that Essbase uses calculator cache bitmap ?

Answer : C



100) A circular dependence member formula will lead to ?

  1. Faster Aggregation
  2. Slower member computation
  3. Serial computation
  4. Parallel Computation
Answer : C



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