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HP Application Lifecycle Management | Mock Test

A defect can be associated with how many tests
a. One
b. unlimited
c. equal to the number of requirements associated with tests
d. Ninety Nine

Answer : One
After you have added a report to the excel reports tree, you must define which project data you want to include in the report. You define this data by creating .. To extract the data.
a. Test queries
b. Lotus Queries
c. Excel Macros
d. SQL queries
Answer : SQL queries
Associating defects and tests ensures
a. flag for follow up
b. invert selection
c. Parameters
d. traceability
Answer : traceability
By default, the graph appears as a
a. Pie chart
b. Bar Chart
c. Pareto Chart
d. Both A and B
Answer : Bar Chart
Default format of execution report will be:
a. word doc
b. excel sheet
c. html format
d. CSV
Answer : html format
After defining the releases tree , the QA manager defines and reviews the . In the requirements module and assigns them to releases and cycle.
a. Plans
b. Group of Plans
c. Upcoming modules
d. Requirements
Answer : Requirements
After defining your requirements, you can add traceability between the requirements, when analyzing the impact of a change proposed in a specific requirements,. Shows the other requirements that the change might affect.
a. Equality
b. Link-ability
c. Traceability
d. Cross-links
Answer : Traceability
An . Requirement is a requirement belonging to a type that represents requirements that are children of analysis requirements and at a lower level in the requirements tree hierarchy
a. Analysis
b. Assessment
c. Policy
d. Test
Answer : Assessment
By default , coverage is available only for the following requirement types;
a. Functional, Testing and Undefined.
b. Functional, System and defined.
c. Functional, System and Undefined.
d. Functional, Testing and defined
Answer : Functional, System and defined.
If you tie a requirement to a cycle whether it affects all the cycles?
a. requirements in the specific cycle
b. requirements in all the cycles
c. coverage view cycle
d. Module view cycle
Answer : requirements in the specific cycle

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