Trend Nxt HP LoadRunner | Question and Answers

HP LoadRunner | Mock Test

________ is an Administrative center for creating, maintaining and executing Scenarios
a. VuGen
b. Load Generator
c. LR analysis
d. LR Controller

Answer : LR Controller
________ is waiting time between individual steps of a business process
a. Transaction
b. Elapsed time
c. Think time
d. Synchronization point
Answer : Think time
___________protocol in loadrunner are used to emulate the user playing media files:
a. Streaming Data protocols. b. Middleware Protocols.
c. Wireless Protocols.
d. ERP/CRM protocols.
Answer : Streaming Data protocols. b. Middleware Protocols.
_________allows data to be written, read, and destroyed without affecting production users
a. Controller
b. Test Environment
c. Development Environment
d. Application Environment
Answer : Test Environment
_________allows setting of the iteration count
a. Pacing
b. Log
c. Run Logic
d. Preferences
Answer : Run Logic
________collects error and notification messages generated by Vusers
a. Load Generator
b. LR Controller
c. LR analysis
d. VuGen
Answer : LR Controller
An intersection point in a business process is called
a. Transaction point
b. Synchronization point
c. Rendezvous point
d. Checkpoint
Answer : Rendezvous point
Are we able to get search results within a reasonable time? Is an example of
a. Conceptual goal
b. Business goal
c. Exact Goal
d. Quantitative goal
Answer : Conceptual goal
Controller can be installed in which OS?
b. Linux
c. Windows
d. Solaris
Answer : Windows
How many maximum online performance monitors we can display in LR
a. 10
b. 15
c. 16
d. 5
Answer : 16

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