HP QC-ALM ADMIN Questions and Answers


Exporting project files will store in____ format
a. xml
b. html
c. qci
d. Connectivity

Answer : Connectivity

How many ways we can add users to project
a. 3
b. 1
c. 2
d. project planning and tracking.

Answer : 2

Which tab allows you send messages to a particular users accessing ALM
a. Site users
b. Site Connections
c. Servers
d. projects.

Answer : Site Connections

Among which tab in site administration can we see licence utilization of ALM in site administration
a. licences
b. Site Analysis
c. Site connections
d. Delete project

Answer : Site Analysis

Among which tab in site administration can we see database server information of ALM in site administration
a. Servers
b. DB Servers
c. Site connections
d. Viewer

Answer : DB Servers

which among the below options are not available under maintain project
a. upgrade project
b. verify project
c. realign repository
d. qcpf

Answer : qcpf

what is the default permissions set for those users that have been added from site admin to particular project?
a. Site admin
b. TD Admin
c. QA Tester
d. No need to analyse

Answer : No need to analyse

A project be created from a exported ____ file?
a. qbc
b. qcp
c. qpf
d. Project Key

Answer : qcp

When you analyse the ALM Prerequisites?
a. Before setting up environment
b. After setup
c. During setup
d. No need to analyse

Answer : Before setting up environment

Which of the below will be provided by HP
a. License generation Key
b. License and Maintenance Key
c. Domain key
d. Project Key

Answer : License and Maintenance Key

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