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The ——— Specifies the time interval (in seconds) during which QuickTest attempts to perform the checkpoint successfully
a. Check timeout
b. Checkpoint interval timeout
c. Checkpoint timeout
d. Checkpoint delay

Answer : Checkpoint timeout

The ……… toolbar contains buttons for recording and running your test.
a. Standard
b. Tools
c. Automation
d. Edit

Answer : Automation

The shortcut keys for Record, Stop and Run respectively are
a. F3, F4, F5
b. F4, F3, F5
c. F4, F5, F3
d. F3, F5, F4

Answer : F3, F4, F5

The tab that enables you to view the current value of any variable or VBScript expression.
a. watch
b. View
c. Locate
d. Current

Answer : watch

The —————- provides a list of the resources that are specified in your test but cannot be found.
a. Missing Pane
b. Missing Resources Pane
c. Resources Pane
d. Missing Items Pane

Answer : Missing Resources Pane

The information Pane provides a list of ——— in the test.
a. Semantic errors
b. Common Errors
c. Syntax Errors
d. Logic errors

Answer : Syntax Errors

To expand all the steps in the keyword view which option you would use from the View menu.
a. Expand
b. Expand All
c. Expand Items
d. Expand Rows

Answer : Expand All

Unexpected events, errors and application crashes that occur during test execution are called
a. Errors
b. Exceptions
c. Bugs
d. Recovery Scenarios

Answer : Exceptions

The …….. checks a variety of objects such as buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists, and so forth.
a. Image checkpoint
b. Standard checkpoint
c. Bitmap checkpoint
d. Accessibility checkpoint

Answer : Standard checkpoint

The char of Regular Expression that is used to any alphanumeric character including underscore is
a. \w
b. \W
c. .
d. *

Answer : \w

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