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[QTP] For other actions to use the value in the Data Table as an input parameter, you can store a value in the Data Table by outputting the value to the ….. Data Table
a. Local
b. Global
c. Action1
d. Both a and b

Answer : Both a and b
[QTP] How many types of Object Repositories are there in QTP?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 1
Answer : 2
[QTP] If you define environment variables to specify the record and run details, those values override the values in the Record and Run dialog box
a. Result Detail
b. Res Details
c. Result Details
d. Details
Answer : Result Details
[QTP] In the Object Repository window
a. Local objects are editable (black)
b. Shared objects are in read-only format (gray)
c. Local and shared objects are in read-only format (gray)
d. Both a and b
Answer : Both a and b
[QTP] Method Waits for the browser to complete the current navigation is
a. Exist
b. Wait
c. Sync
d. WaitProperty
Answer : Sync
[QTP] Object Spy can be found in ……
a. Tool
b. Tools
c. Task
d. Tasks
Answer : Tools
[QTP] QuickTest has ….. built-in toolbars
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8
Answer : 5
[QTP] Recovery scenarios activate specific recovery operations when ……… occur
a. Specific Errors
b. Test Errors
c. Runtime Errors
d. QTP Errors
Answer : Runtime Errors
[QTP]Statement – Initiates a pause during a run session is
a. WaitProperty
b. Wait
c. Sync
d. Exit
Answer : Wait
[QTP] Synchronization Point can be added to a test from
a. Run Settings
b. Resource Settings
c. Local System Monitor Settings
d. Envirpnment Settings
Answer : Run Settings

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