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HP Service Test | Mock Test

Function that displays a message in dialog box
a. MsgBox
b. DialogBox
c. Both A and B
d. InputBox

Answer : MsgBox
Function that evaluates an expression and returns the result
a. Exp
b. Eval
c. Execute
d. Const
Answer : Eval
Function that prompts for additional data from the user.
a. InputBox
b. MsgBox
c. Both A and B
d. DialogBox
Answer : InputBox
Function that returns the current date and time
a. Now
b. Date
c. Both A and B
d. Diff
Answer : Now
Function that returns the current system date
a. DatePart
b. Date
c. Day
d. DateDiff
Answer : Date
How do you declare a constant
a. Dim
b. Con
c. Const
d. Option Explicit
Answer : Const
Identify the vbscript data type
a. Integer
b. Dim
c. Con
d. Const
Answer : Integer
Identify which of the following is vb script data type
a. Error
b. Short
c. Amt
d. Const
Answer : Error
For opening the HP Service Test results, you must install –
a. UPT Viewer
b. URT Viewer
c. UFT Viewer
d. UAT Viewer
Answer : UFT Viewer
GAC Stands for?
a. Global Assembly Cache
b. Global Application Cache
c. Global Accessed Cache
d. Global Access Code
Answer : Global Assembly Cache

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