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HP Service Virtualization | HPSV | Mock Test

Command used to show ACLs on all ports
a. netsh https show urlacl
b. netstat http show
c. netsh https show
d. netsh http show urlacl

Answer : netsh http show urlacl
Confidentiality in security context refers to
a. The data is signed.Receipt can validate that the data has not been modified during transmission
b. The data is encrypted.Only an ultimate recipient can read the data
c. The identity of the client is transferred with the message
d. The service validates that an authenticated client can execute the required operation
Answer : The data is encrypted.Only an ultimate recipient can read the data
CPU booster in HP SV performance model impacts
a. Response time
b. Hit rate
c. Throughput
d. Threshold
Answer : Response time
Default database port when you install HP SV server is
a. 6080
b. 6085
c. 1433
d. 1533
Answer : 1433
Default port on which the JDBC agent will be running on the HP SV server
a. 6088
b. 6087
c. 7288
d. 7287
Answer : 6088
HP SV allows you to create a REST virtual service by
a. Recording the real REST service
b. By importing the WADL of the REST service
c. By importing the HTTP request/response and json request and response body
d. By importing the HTTPS request/response and json request and response body
Answer : Recording the real REST service
In Java, what is the return type of a method that does not returns any value?
a. Int
b. float
c. long
d. void
Answer : void
In Java, which keyword is used by method to refer to the object that invoked it?
a. import
b. catch
c. Automatically manually
d. this
Answer : this
In Java, which of the following is a method having same name as that of it’s class?
a. finalize
b. delete
c. class
d. constructor
Answer : constructor
In Java,which method can be defined only once in a program?
a. main
b. finalize
c. static
d. private
Answer : main

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