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HP Service Virtualization | HPSV | Mock Test

Default DB server installed with the HP SV Designer is
a. SQL Server Express
b. SQL Server
c. Mongo DB
d. HP Passport

Answer : SQL Server Express
Default DB server for HP SV Server is
a. SQL Server Express
b. SQL Server
c. Mongo DB
d. Can run on either A or B
Answer : SQL Server
The latest version of HP Service Virtualization solution is
a. 3.6
b. 3.5
c. 3.1
d. 3
Answer : 3.6
Autopass license server is used to manage
a. Commuter license
b. Seat license
c. Concurrent license
d. Both A and C
Answer : Both A and C
HP SV Virtualization solution for a SOAP service can be
a. Intrusive
b. Non-intrusive
c. Can be either A or B
d. Can be intrusive only if HTTP is the transport
Answer : Can be either A or B
Mandatory component(s) in the HP Service Virtualization solution is(are)
a. HP SV Designer
b. HP SV Designer and HP SV Server
c. HP SV Designer and HP SV SVM
d. HP SV Designer, HP SV Server and HP SV SVM
Answer : HP SV Designer
An app must be able to deal with a large number of exceptions which does not include ______
a. Performance Testing explores several system qualities, except:
b. Speed
c. Capacity
d. Scalability
Answer : Scalability
An app which is made for showing weight of a person in kg but showing weight in pounds.In this scenario a tester should follow which type of testing?
a. measurable
b. Comparison Reports
c. Benchmarking
d. Bench-staging
Answer : Comparison Reports
Android is an open source cross platform OS by ____
a. While collecting requirements for performance testing, it is important to decide whether they are ………., that is to ensure that the performance requirements are quantified and validated in an objective way.
b. measurable
c. scalable
d. testable
Answer : scalable
Android Key security feature can be
a. Typical Performance metrics include
b. Performance Vs users
c. Hits per hour
d. average amount of data downloaded per company visit.
Answer : Typical Performance metrics include

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