Informatica | Beginner Question and Answers

Informatica | Beginner Mock Test

Which of the following services will not be created by admin
a. Application Service
b. core
c. Repository Service

Answer : core 
Which of the following can be the target instance?
a. Relational
b. Relational, FlatFile and XML
c. OLL
Answer : Relational, FlatFile and XML 
Which service reads mapping and session from the repository
a. Integration service
b. Connection service
Answer : Integration service 
In Workflow monitor, what are all the components you can view?
a. Session, Command, Workflow
b. Session,  Command, Workflow, repository
c. Session,  Command, Workflow, repository, Folders
Answer : Session, Command, Workflow 
Flatfile cannot be used for
a. Source
b. Lookup
c. Aggregator
d. Target
Answer : Aggregator 
Gantt Chart –
Answer : Chronologic detail of logs 
Logs can be viewed in
a. Text File
b. XML
c. Binary Code
d. All of the above
Answer : XML 
Transformation that does not store cache file
Answer : Router 
___________ connects Integration service to metadata
a. Repository Service
b. Repository Manager
c. Metadata Manager
Answer : Repository Service 
When a source is imported?
a. Data type/ Column name
b. Data type/ Column name/Key Constraint
c. Stored Procedure
d. Triggers
Answer : Data type/ Column name/Key Constraint 
Chronological details of workflow
Answer : Gantt chart 
Which transformation does not have variable port?
a. Expression
b. Rank
c. Filter
d. Aggregator
Answer : Filter 
-sv means
Answer : Integration service name 
Power Center domain means?
Answer : A domain is the primary unit for management and administration of services in PowerCenter
________ is a set of instruction that extract, transforms and load data?
a. command
b. Session
c. Workflow
Answer : Workflow 
If the session fails, how will u identify the log?
a. log status
b. Error log code
c. log text files
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above 
Reusable components in mapping
a. Workflow
b. Mapplet
c. Transformation
Answer : Mapplet 
Set of instruction which transforms data from source to target
Flat Files – Fixed/Delimited
Answer : Delimited 
Which is not true about Sorter
Answer : It is passive 
User defined events are possible?
a. Yes, with combination of event wait and event raise
b. Yes. On;y with workflow only
Answer : Yes, with combination of event wait and event raise 
Source can be created
a. table
b. table,view
c. table,view,synonmyms
d. table,view, stored procedures
Answer : table,view,synonmyms 
How to run the workflow using command?
Answer : PMCMD 
GET_DATE_PART(Column 1,’HH’.If the column 1 is null, What is the result?
Answer : only HH 
Once the source is dragged into mapping, it needs to be connected to?
a. SQ
b. Sorter
c. Agg
d. EXP
Answer : SQ 
Workflow log contains?
a. Status of Session, Tasks and Worklet
b. Error occured and general information
c. None of the above
Answer :
What is active transformation?
Answer : Changes in the number of rows 
If the group by is not given in the Aggregator transformation, it will return
a. All the rows
b. One row
c. Error
Answer : One row 
Shortcut can be used in which of the componets
a. Source definition
b. Reusable components
c. Mapplet
d. All of the above
Answer : Source definition (All of the above – Doubt. 
Short cut can be used from
Answer : Shared Folder 
You have to run a task but two different session. What is the best way?
a. Post SQL
b. Command task
c. Combination of events
Answer : Command Task 
Tracing Levels
a. Normal
b. Verbose
c. None
d. Both a and b
Answer : Both a and b
To see error logs to resolve it
a. use log events
b. use Text Code
c. use Prefix
d. All of the above
Answer : Use log events 
Session invalid?
a. Adding table in the source databse
b. Adding Update/Joiner transformation
c. Deleting row from target table
d. Creating Index on source tables
Answer : Adding Update/Joiner transformation 
Which provides row by row details about insert/update/delete?
Answer : Update Strategy 
Control M – from BNC s/w
Target which cannot be used?
Answer : COBOL 
Workflow monitor
Answer : Logs 

Types of Tasks


Tasks Description
Assignment Used to assign a value to a workflow variable
Command Used to run a shell command during the workflow
Control Used to stop or abort the workflow
Decision Tells a condition to evaluate
Email Used to send email during the workflow
Event-Raise Notifies the Event-Wait task that an event has occurred
Event-Wait It waits for the event to completed in order to start the next task
Session Used to run the mapping created in Designer buy linking to session
Timer It waits for a already timed event to start


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