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Informatica ETL | Testing | Mock Test

Different Tools in Workflow Manager
a. Repository manager
b. Maplet designer
c. Workflow Designer
d. Additive

Answer : Workflow Designer
Different types of Facts in DWH
a. Confirmed
b. Semi additive
c. Junk
d. Advanced
Answer : Semi additive
Different Ways to filter the records in Informatica?
a. Sequence Generator Transformation
b. Sorter Tranformation
c. Router transformation
d. Additive
Answer : Router transformation
How do we debug the data in Informatica tool
a. Repository manager
b. Meta data manager
c. Debugger
d. No Limit
Answer : Debugger
How do we load the data using Informatica?
a. Workflow Designer
b. Repository manager
c. Mapping designer
d. Log Generator
Answer : Workflow Designer
How many number of sessions that you can create in a batch?
a. 10
b. 50
c. 100
d. No limit
Answer : No limit
How to determine whether the incoming record already exists in the target table?
a. Using Router Transformation
b. Using Lookup Transformation
c. Using Aggregate Transformation
d. Writing a select query on toad
Answer : Using Lookup Transformation
How to execute informatica jobs from OS
a. Server Manager
c. A and B
d. Information Analyzer
Answer : PMCMD
How to join two tables without using the Joiner Transformation?
a. Using source qualifier
b. Using expression transformation
c. Using router transformation
d. Filter Transformation
Answer : Using source qualifier
informatica designer window consists of
a. Navigator
b. Log Generator
c. Debugger
d. pmcmd
Answer : Navigator

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