Informatica-ILM TDM Questions and Answers

Informatica-ILM TDM | Mock Test

ILM Stands For
a. Information Life cycle management
b. Informatica Life cycle management
c. Informatica Legacy Management
d. Business Objects Data Services

Answer : Information Life cycle management
Informatica ILM TDM Supports
a. Data verification
b. Archiving
c. Data subsetting
d. Data Virtualization
Answer : Data subsetting
Which of these is a Test Data management Tool
a. Informatica Power Centre
b. Informatica Life cycle management
c. Pentaho
d. Data Virtualization
Answer : Informatica Life cycle management
___________ is a method of creating a structurally similar but inauthentic version of an organization’s data that can be used for purposes such as software testing and user training
a. Data Profile
b. Data masking
c. Data Integrity
d. Refrential Integrity
Answer : Data masking
__________is the process of examining the data available in an existing data source database or a file and collecting statistics and information about that data
a. Data masking
b. Data Integrity
c. Data profiling
d. reject
Answer : Data profiling
Which of these ILM does not Support
a. Archiving
b. Data Masking
c. Data subsetting
d. time to provision
Answer : Archiving
To shed less-profitable parts of the business or realign business units to better fit the overall business strategy, the company needs to —-the divested or realigned business unit’s data
a. remove
b. approve
c. add
d. legacy applications
Answer : remove
The application ILM product family helps the IT team to efficiently separate functionally related data from complex transactional systems, allowing the new organization to become operational faster and to realize quicker—–
a. time to operate
b. time to market
c. time to value
d. on purpose used
Answer : time to value
As the business grows or there are acquisition of additional companies, —-may start to proliferate in the IT environment
a. reference data applications
b. static data applications
c. master data applications
d. legacy applications
Answer : legacy applications
These legacy applications are —-and most have little ongoing business value
a. rarely used
b. always used
c. commonly used
d. on purpose used
Answer : rarely used

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