IT Environmental Management Support Questions and Answers

IT Environmental Management Support | Mock Test

A page fault occurs
a. When the page is not in memory
b. When the page is in memory
c. When the process enters the blocked state
d. When the process in the ready state

Answer : When the page is not in memory
A service provided by the OS to the programmers is referred to as a
a. Context
b. interrupt
c. Shortcut
d. System Call
Answer : System Call
CPU performance is measured through ________
a. Throughput
b. MHz
c. Flaps
d. kb
Answer : Throughput
Directory and file names cannot contain any ASCII characters with a value in the range _________or any of these characters
a. 1 to 32
b. 1 to 31
c. 1 to 40
d. 1 to 35
Answer : 1 to 31
DNS stands for
a. Domain Network System
b. Domain Name System
c. Data Name System
d. Data Name Service
Answer : Domain Name System
Variable names may begin with
a. Numbers
b. Underscores
c. Alphabetic characters
d. Both B and C
Answer : Both B and C
Variable names may not include
a. Numbers
b. Underscores
c. Question marks
d. More than one of the above
Answer : Question marks
Variable names should be
a. Descriptive
b. Lower case letters
c. Upper case letters
d. Both A and C
Answer : Both A and C
What does this command do cp a b c new
a. Copy files a, b and c to file new
b. Copy files a and b to file c and new
c. Copy files a, b and c to directory new
d. Does not copy anything, error
Answer : Copy files a, b and c to directory new
What does umask command do? Choose the appropriate option.
a. Unmask File Permissions
b. Mask File Permissions
c. Remove File Permissions
d. Grant file permissions
Answer : Mask File Permissions

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