Jmeter Badboy Questions and Answers

Jmeter Badboy | Mock Test

In Jmeter, the sytem that takes the command from the Console is called as
a. Slave
b. Master
c. Unit
d. Target

Answer : Slave

In Jmeter, the trend of response times are displayed using this type of graph
a. Bar graph
b. Historgram
c. Line graph
d. Scatter diagram

Answer : Line graph

In Jmeter, ‘User Parameters’ are part of the
a. Config Element
b. Assertions
c. Pre Processor
d. Listeners

Answer : Pre Processor

In Jmeter, which is used for configuring the Start and End time of running the test
a. Scenario Configuration
b. Test Conformation
c. Test Configuration
d. Scheduler Configuration

Answer : Scheduler Configuration

In Jmeter, which of the following is not present in the Listener
a. BeanShell Listener
b. Aggregate Graph
c. Aggregate Report
d. Aggregate Summary

Answer : Aggregate Summary

In Jmeter, which of the following response fields can be tested
a. Text Response
b. HTTP Code
c. Response Header
d. B and C

Answer : B and C

Jmeter scripts can be used to automate the testing by
a. Sending XMLs to JMS
b. Sending messages over JMS
c. Sending messages over MSMQ
d. Sending messages asynchronously

Answer : Sending messages over JMS

One of the two types of the usage of Jmeter is: a. Standalone The another one is
a. Enterprise
b. Standalone
c. Load Generator
d. Distributed

Answer : Distributed

Other than the GUI mode for the Jmeter, which is the other mode for executing Jmeter
a. Silent mode
b. Server mode
c. Thread mode
d. Process mode

Answer : Server mode

Response times are displayed in Jmeter in the following unit
a. seconds
b. hours
c. milliseconds
d. No unit is displayed

Answer : milliseconds

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