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Mainframe Testing | Mock Test


Howmany types of data definition available in Assembler
a. 5
b. 4
c. 2
d. 3

Answer : 2

Howmuc bytes one fullword takes to store in Assembler?
a. 4
b. 1
c. 8
d. 3

Answer : 4

In an Assembler statement the Mnemonic Code is positioned in between
a. Position 1 to 8
b. Position 9 to 14
c. Position 16 to 71
d. Position 72

Answer : Position 9 to 14

PSW contains
a. Condition Code and Instruction Address
b. Pointer Details and Memory Address
c. Execution Status and Result
d. Return Code and Execution Status

Answer : Condition Code and Instruction Address

Two types of data definition in Assembler are
a. DA and DS
b. DC and DS
c. DA and DB
d. DA and DF

Answer : DC and DS

For Mainframe Testing you have to know
a. COBOL programming Language
b. Basic TSO and ISPF commands and Menus
c. CICS Programming Knowledge
d. Natural Programming Language

Answer : Basic TSO and ISPF commands and Menus

How do you access Mainframe from Client Machine?
a. Using Simulator
b. Using Java application
c. Using Terminal Emulator
d. Using C Application

Answer : Using Terminal Emulator

QA Principles for Mainframe Testing is
a. Different from other Technology
b. Different for COBOL and Natural Languages
c. Different for COBOL and CICS Languages
d. Same as other Technology

Answer : Same as other Technology

QTP is a microsoft product which uses
a. VBScript
b. C++

Answer : VBScript

TeWindow the mandatory property to be mentioned is
a. window name
b. short name
c. TeName
d. text

Answer : short name

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