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Mobile Application Test Automation | Mock Test


An integer value that uniquely identifies the framework API revision offered by a version of the Android platform is known as
a. Framework Level
b. API Level
c. Platform Level
d. SDK Level

Answer : API Level

Android application testing is mostly based on which test framework?
a. Junit
b. Python
c. Javascript
d. Ruby

Answer : Junit

API calls are used to connect between
a. SDK and Server Infrastructure
b. SDK and app code
c. App code and Sever Infrastructure
d. App code and Backend

Answer : SDK and Server Infrastructure

Application delegate is present at which layer when it communicates with the system frameworks?
a. View layer
b. Controller layer
c. Model layer
d. System layer

Answer : Controller layer

As per Perfecto mobile which repositoryandnbsp; operation is not provided by the API ?
a. Get Repository Items List
b. Delete Item from repository
c. Edit item from repository
d. Upload item from repository

Answer : Edit item from repository

Assistive Touch is an feature that is available in
a. Android Phones
b. Blackberry Touch Phones
c. Iphones
d. Windows Smart phones

Answer : Iphones

ATAF in mobile automation stands for
a. All Tools accounted For
b. Android Test Automation Framework
c. Apple Test Automation Framework
d. Android Test Access Function

Answer : Android Test Automation Framework

AutomateIT is an
a. Android application test tool
b. IOS application test tool
c. Android application task automation tool
d. Windows automation tool

Answer : Android application task automation tool

Calabash script is a
a. java script
b. PHP script
c. perl script
d. Clojure script

Answer : Clojure script

Device management testing falls on which layer of mobile app testing framework?
a. Backend
b. Frontend
c. Device UI
d. Middleware

Answer : Middleware

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