Mobile Application Test Automation | Question and Answers

Mobile Application Test Automation | Mock Test


A good way to see thread execution time in Android is
a. Timeline command
b. Instrumentation
c. Traceview
d. monkey

Answer : Traceview

ADB stands for
a. Android Device BUS
b. Android Debug Board
c. Android Debug Bridge
d. Android Data BUS

Answer : Android Debug Bridge

Android activity is in stopped state when
a. I press the back button
b. When a message appears in notification bar
c. When a toast apperas
d. When alarm rings

Answer : I press the back button

Core features of MAM systems include
a. Push services
b. App performance monitoring
c. User and group access control
d. All of these

Answer : All of these

How would you test service reusability?
a. Invoke service multiple times
b. Invoke services in composition
c. Invoke services with stateful data
d. Invoke services in various contexts

Answer : Invoke services in various contexts

Instrumentaion wizard of Ranorex doesn’t support which UI technology of the following technology
a. Apple safari
b. Firefox
c. Android Browser
d. Adobe flash

Answer : Android Browser

JSON is lightweight compared to SOAP because
a. JSON only gives status codes with no response
b. SOAP is XML based but JSON is not
c. Multple requests are required for SOAP
d. SOAP is lightweight

Answer : SOAP is XML based but JSON is not

Localization in Android is done via
a. calling different config files
b. if else condition
c. changing menifest file
d. defining localized strings in xml files

Answer : defining localized strings in xml files

MADP supports which of the following variant of Hybrid app?
a. Form based templates
b. Body based templates
c. Source generation
d. Form and Source generation

Answer : Form based templates

MDM cannot see
a. SMS or iMessages
b. Device name
c. Installed apps
d. Model name and number

Answer : SMS or iMessages

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