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Mobile Native Application | Mock Test


_____ is a simple framework to write repeatable tests and instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks ?
a. Junit
b. Perl
c. Junit
d. Perl

Answer : Junit

_____ is a temporary action bar that overlays the app’s action bar for the duration of a particular sub-task.
a. Action bar
b. Navigational bar
c. Action bar
d. Navigational bar

Answer : Navigational bar

_____ is the Automation tool which doesnot support Desktop GUI testing
a. Seetest
b. Selenium
c. Seetest
d. Selenium

Answer : Seetest

_____ menu is not a part of the screen structure in Blackberry 10 platform.
a. Action
b. Application
c. Action
d. Application

Answer : Application

______ displays the actions available to perform on the selection: typically cut, copy, and paste, but apps can insert additional commands as needed in an android device
a. Contextual bar
b. Action bar
c. Contextual bar
d. Action bar

Answer : Contextual bar

______ is command line tool used to measure an app’s performance without launching Instruments
a. itrace
b. iprofiler
c. itrace
d. iprofiler

Answer : iprofiler

Which of these is not called as iOS gesture response?
a. Flick
b. Touchhold
c. Flick
d. Touchhold

Answer : Flick

Which one is not the abstraction layer of iOS?
a. Core OS layer
b. Core Services layer
c. Core OS layer
d. Core Services layer

Answer : Core OS layer

Which platform is called as handheld wireless device that is just like a two way pager?
a. Android
b. iOS
c. Android
d. iOS

Answer : Android

Which screen view is used for displaying context in a more visually appealing way by putting images in rows and columns?
a. List
b. Context
c. List
d. Context

Answer : List

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