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“Checkpoint” in any automation tool refers to
a. Data Initiation point where value will be stored for comparison
b. Verification point which compares a current value with the expected value.
c. Pass/Fail status generation
d. Repository where images and Texts are stored for verification

Answer : Verification point which compares a current value with the expected value.

“Developers should not divert users or provide links to any other site that mimics Google Play or represents itself as another application or service” is a guideline in Google Play for
a. Fake Ratings
b. Fair Warnings
c. Wizard Spam
d. Impersonation

Answer : Impersonation

_____ is a simple framework to write repeatable tests and instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks ?
a. Junit
b. Perl
c. Python
d. Cucumber

Answer : Junit

_____ is a temporary action bar that overlays the app’s action bar for the duration of a particular sub-task.
a. Action bar
b. Navigational bar
c. Top Bar
d. Contextual bar

Answer : Contextual bar

_____ is the Automation tool which doesnot support Desktop GUI testing
a. Seetest
b. Selenium
c. Ranorex
d. Squish

Answer : Seetest

_____ menu is not a part of the screen structure in Blackberry 10 platform.
a. Action
b. Application
c. Context
d. Segment

Answer : OPTION4

______ displays the actions available to perform on the selection: typically cut, copy, and paste, but apps can insert additional commands as needed in an android device
a. Contextual bar
b. Action bar
c. Dialog
d. Toast

Answer : Contextual bar

______ is command line tool used to measure an app’s performance without launching Instruments
a. itrace
b. iprofiler
c. trace
d. profiler

Answer : iprofiler

Which screen view is used for letting users to navigate a large canvas of information such as a map, a game or an image?
a. Context
b. Free-form
c. Grid
d. List

Answer : OPTION2

Which screen view is used to set the focus on a single item in a blackberry 10 device?
a. Context
b. Free-form
c. Grid
d. List

Answer : Context

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