Mobile Native Application | Question and Answers

Mobile Native Application | Mock Test


_______ is not part of iOS gesture response.
a. Shake
b. Scroll
c. Touch and Hold
d. Flick

Answer : Scroll

_______ refers to physical or logical group of network.
a. Data flow
b. Mode of operation
c. Topology
d. Mesh

Answer : Topology

________spread through user interaction such as opening an e-mail attachment or downloading and running a file from the Internet.
a. Viruses
b. Worms
c. Trojan horse
d. Bots

Answer : Trojan horse

_________ Apps are designed using web technologies.
a. Native mobile apps
b. Mobile web apps
c. Hybrid mobile apps
d. All of the above

Answer : Hybrid mobile apps

A software used or programmed to disrupt Mobile operations, gather sensitive information and to gain access to mobile devices is known as _______.</QUESTION>
a. Malware
b. Spyware
c. Shoulder Surfing
d. Phishing

Answer : Malware

A technique in which a cracker masquerades as a trusted host to cancel his identity, spoof A web site, hijack browsers, or gain access to a network is termed as ____ .
a. spoofing
b. forging
c. IP spoofing
d. ID theft

Answer : IP spoofing

An app must be able to deal with a large number of exceptions which does not include ______
a. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
b. Low memory
c. Low battery alarm
d. Interrupt by incoming calls and messages

Answer : Interrupt by incoming calls and messages

An app which is made for showing weight of a person in kg but showing weight in pounds.In this scenario a tester should follow which type of testing?
a. Absence of underpriced or overpriced securities
b. Data testing
c. Platform specific testing
d. Message testing

Answer : Message testing

Android is an open source cross platform OS by ____
a. Mortgage-backed securities
b. Microsoft
c. Nokia
d. Google

Answer : Google

Android Key security feature can be
a. Capital security
b. Security at the Operating System level through the Linux kernel
c. Mandatory application sandbox
d. Both the Above

Answer : Both the Above

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