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MS 201 stands for Managed Service 201 which refers to management of IT Services while delivering to Customer.Ms 201 typically include three types of agreement such as

  • Service Level Agreement [SLA]
  • Operational Level Agreement [OLA]
  • Underpinning Contracts [UC]

Due diligence is typically conducted after submitting request for proposal ( RFP)?
a. True
b. False

Answer : true
As per order work bench system (OWBS), a managed services engagement can be large program with classification “MA or MI”
a. True
b. False
Answer : true

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In a reverse translation, it is NOT essential to ensure proper termination of contract meeting legal and compliance requirement
a. True
b. False

Answer : true

Managed services project can have classification of “MA or MI or IA or IT”, as per Order Work Bench System ( OWBS)
a. True
b. False
Answer : false

____________ and _____________ is one of the input criteria for PRE engagement.
a, Sales handover
b. Request for proposal
c. Delivery handover
d. None of the above
Answer : Request for proposal 
________ should be suitably identified, planned and executed throughout the service management life cycle
a. Escalations
b. Risks
c. Service improvements
d. All of the above
Answer : Service improvements

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According to managed services execution lifecycle, play back session is an activity of ___________
a. Secondary support phase
b. Primary support phase
c. Knowledge acquisition phase(KAP)
d. None of the above

Answer : Knowledge acquisition phase(KAP) 

Transition has multiple tracks, they are __________
a. Technology track
b. Process track
c. People track
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above  
What information does CMDB contain for configuration items (CIs) ?
a. Attributes
b. State
c.  Relation
d.  All of the above
Answer : All of the above 

________ and ________  project classification codes are used for transition projects in managed services
a. IT and MI
b. IA and MA
c. IT and IA
d. MA and MI
Answer : MA and MI 
Post implementation review (PIR) should check for __________
a. Closure of related incident, problem ticket and request for change (RFC)
b. RCA for unsuccessful release
c. Formal release acceptance and sign-off of deliverables from customer
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above 
One of the important activity of reverse transition is to _________
a. Have a sign-off on acceptance criteria for completion
b. Record a risk log and  maintain the risk tracker diligently
c. Update service management plan and execution process document
d. None of the above
Answer : Have a sign-off on acceptance criteria for completion 

Which of the following mandatory documents are required to be maintained in the standard template?
a. Service management plan(SMP)
b. ITSM process scoping and SLA-KPI document
c.  Service description document and services delivery review report
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above 
First draft of service management plan( SMP) is created during__________
a. Due diligence phase
b. Knowledge acquisition phase (KAP)
c. Secondary support phase
d. Transition planning phase
Answer : Secondary support phase 

____________ is a study conducted to validate the assumptions made in preparing the proposal and to obtain more information about the applications and  infrastructure that are in scope for outsourcing.
a. Pre sales
b. Transition
c. Due diligence
d. None of the above
Answer : Due diligence 
An agreement between an IT service provider and another part of the same organization
a. Underprinning contract(UC)
b. Operational level agreement (OLA)
c. Service level agreement
d. None of the above
Answer : Operational level agreement (OLA) 
Arrange the following  in ascending order based on the  engagement maturity level
a. Co-managed > staff augmentation> consulting> managed services
b. managed services> consulting> staff augmentation> Co-managed >
c. consulting> staff augmentation> managed services> Co-managed
d. staff augmentation> Co-managed > managed services> consulting
Answer : staff augmentation> Co-managed > managed services> consulting 

The service delivery manager decides the time and stakeholder to whom the CSAT survey is to be administered. S/he then administers the  survery marking a copy to the  MQ / SQA  manager
a. True
b. False
Answer : true
Addition of a new line of business (LOB) is considered change in scope of the engagement.
a. True
b. False
Answer : true

All T&M engagement can’t be considered as “ Managed Services”
a. True
b. False
Answer : False
One Managed services program may deliver for multiple SoW
a. True
b. False
Answer : true
Prevailing managed services execution framework recommends sign-off of SLA-KPI document with customer.
a. True
b. False
Answer : true

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First draft version of service management plan is an output of ___________
a. transition planning
b. secondary support
c. transition initiation
d. knowledge acquisition

Answer : transition initiation 

Boot camp is part of ______________ sub phase of transition
a. transition initiation
b. transition planning
c. knowledge acquisition
d. none of the above
Answer : transition initiation 

IT partners with customer to define business and IT transformational initiatives in __________
a. L1- staff augmentation
b. L2- Co managed
c. L3- IT managed
d. L4- consulting
Answer : L4- consulting 
End of contract or reverse transition should be documented in service management plan as a part of service planning . This has to be formally signed off by____________
a. Internal IT services provider
b. Third party service provider
c. Customer
d. Company
Answer : Customer 
Engagements of type __________ do not qualify for managed services life cycle
a. L1 and L2
b. L2 and L3
c. L3 and L4
d. L1 and L4
Answer : L1 and L4 

Outputs of reverse transition RE
a. Lessons learnt document
b. Delivery handover checklist and final delivery review report
c. Customer satisfaction survey
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above 
Which of the following agreements is/are result of outcome based agreements in managed services?
a. Operational level agreement
b. Underpinning contract
c. Service level agreement
d. All of the above
Answer : All of the above 

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Help to answer the below question from ms 201
_________ describes the technical activities to be carried out for the engagement
a) Execution process document
b) Service description document
c) ITSM process scoping document
d) None of the above


anyone can answer this ?
What can trigger change or revision in service management plan (SMP) ?
a Change of service manager
b Change in site
c Change in scope
d None of the above


Ms 201 dumps
please help
Typically SOW along with which of the following should be considered as Program/Project catalogue
a) Service delivery description(SDD)
b) Execution process document(EDD)
c) System maintenance technical document (SMTD)
d) None of the above


Ms 201 need dumps
answer this question sir
Which of the following can trigger Continual service improvement activity ?
a) Take ownership of low priority tickets & check whether they meet agreed SLA
b) BCP requirements for delivery centers
c) Raise proactive request for procuring laptops, data cards, mobile phones as per the requirement
d) Arriving at corrective and preventive action plans


Also this one if anyone knows
As per wipro transition framework, the participants in Transition kick-off meeting are ____
a) Service delivery manager
b) Bid manager
c) Transition manager
d) All of the above

Rajat sharma

need help on this
AS per IT service continuity procedure, disaster recovery(DR) drills should be conducted___________
a) at least once a year
b) twice a year
c) not required
d) none of the above

Rahul choudhary

Output of transition closure is ______
a) transition plan
b) estimation plan
c) lessons learnt document
d) none of the above

Neha sharma

As per IT managed services execution lifecycle,governace,review and escalation mechanism are decided in_____________
a) transition initiation phase
b) transition closure phase
c) primary support phase
d) transition planning phase
Sir can you please answer this ?

Rahul mishra

help ??
why should immediately follow after an RFC is implemented?
a) Change record
b) Post implementation review
c) Impact analysis
d) Change review

Gaurav Jain

Contractual disagreements and discussion with customer for any amendments are usually key activity of ______________
a) Transition ignition phase
b) Transition closure phase
c) Transition planning phase
d) None of the above

Ashish gupta

Ms 201 dumps need answer ?
The document that is used to identify IT service management processes that are in scope of program is __________
a)ITSM process scoping document
b) Execution process document (EPD)
c)service delivery description (SDD)
d none of the above


need help on this ms 201 question ?
Overall transition gets broken down into different tracks for better management and efficient delivery_____ is one of the tracks of transition.
a) Delivery track
b) Tools and infrastructure track
c) Transition track
d) All of the above

Suparna Mali

Tried 3 time but failed need dumps ms 201 really helpful
__________can be used for verification of operational definition of service level objectives and metrics proposed
a) Standard SLA library document
c) ITSM process scoping document
d) None of the above


did u clear the ms201?

Ravi Kanth

Need Wipro Delivery Manager dumps to clear the assessment


The needful on the answers must be done.
Kindly to the needful.


please all dumps this ms 201 course


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