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Analyzing Errors are also displayed by NeoLoad in ________during a scenario run, in the Runtime Errors tab.
a. Runtime mode
b. Results mode
c. Runtime Errors
d. Results Errors

Answer : Runtime mode

Can I stop executing a Virtual User when an error occurs or when an assertion fails
a. No
b. Yes
c. Pause the test and see the logs
d. It does not throw any errors while executing.

Answer : No

Creating a monitored machine is easy to do in the _____________________wizard
a. Create Monitored Machine
b. Monitored Machine
c. Select Monitors
d. Create Monitor

Answer : Create Monitored Machine

If you want to select new session every time at the the time of execution. Which seeting you need to change
a. Browser
b. Virtual User
c. Handle Cache
d. Login

Answer : Handle Cache

In mobile performance testing_ of mobile will not affect the end-user experience.
a. network conditions
b. the types of device
c. packet loss
d. CPU

Answer : CPU

In this case you must create a server manually, configuring the server host name with a regular expression that matches the _______ name
a. application
b. server
c. host
d. Regular expression

Answer : server

The request that was previously flagged as containing an error is now correctly handled. The HTTP code returned is ____, proof that the client-server transaction has been successfully completed.
a. 200
b. 300
c. 401
d. 501

Answer : 200

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
a. 400 Bad Request
b. 500 Internal Server Error
c. 501 Not Implemented
d. 200 OK

Answer : 501 Not Implemented

Load Policy contains modes
a. Standard mode
b. Iteration mode
c. Both aandb
d. Schedule mode

Answer : Both aandb

Load Variation Policy Contains
a. Constant and Peaks
b. Ramp Up
c. Peaks
d. both a and b

Answer : both a and b

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