ORACLE APPS SCM TESTING | Questions and Answers



__________is a method of determining the size and timing of item replenishment orders
a. Standard Planning
b. Logical-point Planning
c. Physical point Planning
d. Reorder-point Planning

Answer : Reorder-point Planning

A ————-order is a long-term agreement committing to buy items or services from a single source
a. Purchase Requisition
b. Standard Purchase
c. Blanket Agreement
d. Planned Purchase

Answer : Planned Purchase

A Blanket Purchase agreement requires
a. Supplier, Item, Price
b. Customer, Quantity, Price
c. Supplier, Item, Quantity, Price
d. Supplier, Item, UOM, Price

Answer : Supplier, Item, Price

A document you use to solicit supplier quotations for goods or services you need is called as
a. Purhase order
b. Request for quotation (RFQ)
c. Quotation
d. Purchase Requisition

Answer : Request for quotation (RFQ)

ABC analysis can be defined at
a. Inventory org level only
b. Inventory and Subinventory Level
c. Inventory, Subinventory and Lot level
d. Subinventory and Lot level only

Answer : Inventory and Subinventory Level

After several cycle counts have been performed, the client wants to identify those items that consistently require adjustment. Which report will help the client identify those items?
a. Cycle Count Listing
b. Cycle Count Hit/Miss Analysis
c. Cycle Count Unscheduled Items Report
d. Cycle Count Entries and Adjustments Report

Answer : Cycle Count Entries and Adjustments Report

Customer Credit Check allows to set the credit and order limits at ————
a. Customer Level only
b. Customer Site Level Only
c. Both Customer and Customer site level
d. Inventory Org level only

Answer : Both Customer and Customer site level

Customer is planning to close the accouting period in Inventory. Before closing the period customer want to see the pending transactions. Which screen will list all the pending transactions in one form?
a. View Material transactions
b. Transaction Open Interface
c. Transaction Summaries
d. Inventory Accounting Period

Answer : Inventory Accounting Period

Determine Eligibility Rules,Who receives the price benefits
a. Qualifiers
b. Modifiers
c. Price list
d. Adjustments

Answer : Qualifiers

Enables you to specify the criteria by which the Sales Orders are selected for Pick Release
a. Release Rules
b. Release Sequence Rules
c. Pick Slip Grouping Rules
d. None of the above

Answer : Release Rules

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