Oracle Apps Testing | Questions and Answers

Oracle Apps Testing | Mock Test


Captures all information from prospect to order and information about all marketing channel, the customer and its relationships is
a. Marketing and Sales
b. Service
c. Procurement
d. Sales, Analytical

Answer : Marketing and Sales

ERP Stands for
a. Engineering Resource Planning
b. Enterprise Resource Process
c. Enterprise Resource Planning
d. Enterprise Requirement Planning

Answer : Enterprise Resource Planning

Facilitates after sales services to the customer, captures all related information about services, service engineers and their call assignments is
a. Marketing and Sales
b. Service
c. Procurement
d. Sales, Analytical

Answer : Service

Maintains production information production is planned, scheduled, and actual production activities are recorded
a. Manufacturing
b. Planning and Scheduling
c. Order Management
d. Oracle Purchasing

Answer : Planning and Scheduling

______ is the only currency that is enabled initially
a. Dollars (USD)
b. British Pound (GBP)
c. Euro( EUR )
d. Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Answer : Dollars (USD)

________ enables you to perform reporting, journal entry, and budgeting functions while using an Excel spreadsheet interface
a. Electronic data Interchange
b. Application Desktop Integrator
c. Application Package Interface
d. Oracle Integrator

Answer : Application Desktop Integrator

____________ is the latest Oracle EBS Version
a. R10
b. R11
c. R12
d. R13

Answer : R13

______________ provides a significantly improved user experience while reducing IT costs through system consolidation?
a. 10.7
b. 11.0.3
c. 11.5.3
d. R12

Answer : R12

Which of the following is not a implementation methodology
a. EMM Advantage
b. AIM Advantage
c. EWM Advantage
d. PeopleSoft Compass

Answer : EWM Advantage

Which of the following is not a phase in AIM
a. Definition
b. Operation Analysis
c. Transition
d. Post Production Support

Answer : Post Production Support

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