OSS Application Testing Questions and Answers

OSS Application Testing | Mock Test

Credits cannot be created on
a. Charge level
b. Invoice level
c. Account level
d. Written off accounts.

Answer : Written off accounts.

late payment charges can be applied on what type of charges?
a. One time charge
b. Usage charges
c. Recurring charges
d. All of the above

Answer : All of the above

What is the name of A billing mechanism where customer pays in advance and after that starts using a service.
a. Post-pay Billing
b. Pre-pay Billing
c. Interconnect Billing
d. Convergent Billing

Answer : Pre-pay Billing

which allows payments to be allocated to specific invoices?
a. Balance forward accounting
b. Open tem accounting
c. Manual payment accounting
d. Automatic payment accounting.

Answer : Manual payment accounting

which one is not a valid Bill type
a. Credit note
b. Final bill
c. Regular bill
d. Recurring bill

Answer : Recurring bill

Which one is not a valid charge
a. Usage charges
b. One time charges
c. Recurring charges
d. Offer

Answer : Offer

Why COTS Packages are Important?
a. The Service Provider Revolution
b. Changing OSS
c. Changing Expectations
d. All of the above

Answer : All of the above

After handing over account to collections agency can service provider work with custome for payment?
a. Possibly yes
b. Always
c. Sometimes
d. Never

Answer : Never

Dunning model to be used for a customer is decided on what basis?
a. Credit History of Customer
b. Payment habit of customer
c. Credit class of customer
d. It is same for all

Answer : Credit class of customer

Which of the following are credit classes?
a. General public class
b. VIP class
c. Segment specific class
d. All

Answer : All

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