Performance Engineer Questions and Answers

Performance Engineer | Mock Test

Performance Requirements of the application under test is
a. Negotiable
b. Non-Negotiable
c. Volatile
d. Transparent

Answer : Non-Negotiable

Why do you use the percentile page response time?
a. These shows pages that are slow in general
b. Clients requirement are usually in terms of percentile
c. 90th percentage and 90th percentile corresponds to the same value
d. Average response time is not a good measure

Answer : These shows pages that are slow in general

The variable that needs to be taken into account while estimation the target load levels are
a. Overall amount of traffic to the site
b. Client Behaviour
c. Network bandwidthg the peak load lasts
d. CPU utilization

Answer : Overall amount of traffic to the site

In RACI diagram which of the following roles represents two way communications?
a. Consulted
b. Informed
c. Accountable
d. Responsible

Answer : Consulted

In RACI Matrix, those who are kept updated about the progress are assigned with this category
a. C
b. I
c. A
d. R

Answer : I

What is the easiest way to over come Network related bottle necks?
a. Redesign the HTML page to have lesser data
b. Remove unwanted comments and white spaces
c. Get a faster connection
d. Bottlenecks

Answer : Get a faster connection

Which forms the set of symbols that can be used to create visual system usage models and depict associated parameters
a. RAD
b. IML
c. UML

Answer : UCML

Which is the easiest of all these in methods of Performance Testing?
a. Validating the application in Production
b. Validating the application’s Load Balancing
c. Validating the application while it is fresh in Developer’s minds
d. Everything above is complex

Answer : Validating the application while it is fresh in Developer’s minds

Which of the following is a WAN Emulator
a. Shunra
b. Star team
c. Hammer Emulation
d. ShelfRock

Answer : Shunra

Which of the following is not the component of Web Page Download Time Breakdown?
a. First Buffer
b. Last Buffer
c. DNS Resolution
d. SSL Handshaking

Answer : Last Buffer

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