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How to find the syntax error during scripting
a. record
b. execute
c. insert code
d. compile

Answer : compile

In order to simulate realistic scenarios during load testing which of the following factors can be taken into account?
a. Client Preferences
b. Client Platform
c. Both a and b
d. server side processing

Answer : Both a and b

Performance test can not be done for
a. response time
b. application and hardware capability
c. GUI error in application
d. Hits per second calculation

Answer : GUI error in application

What is the goal of the workload analysis?
a. To clarify the objective of the workload interval
b. To ensure that tests performed represent real user activity
c. To gather statistics about the system under test
d. To identify the critical measurement points for each test

Answer : To ensure that tests performed represent real user activity

What is the highest acceptable response time
a. 100 seconds
b. 1 second
c. 10 second
d. 5 seconds

Answer : 1 second

What tool does Radview produce?
a. TestLoad
b. WebLoad
c. JProbe
d. RPT

Answer : WebLoad

Which is not the Resource Utilization measure
a. CPU Utilization
b. Memory Free and Used
c. SQL Execution Plan
d. Network I/O

Answer : SQL Execution Plan

Which of the following identifies the robustness of the system functionality in case of system or any of its componenents are not available unexpectedly
a. Failover test
b. Spike test
c. Endurance test
d. Stress test

Answer : Failover test

Which of the following provides the best description of a redirection using refresh header?
a. The header of the HTTP response may contain a refresh field that orders browser to redirect the user to a different page
b. The web page invokes a JavaScript that leads the user to another page
c. A web page may contain an HTML tag that indicates a redirection
d. Page consisting of GET and POST method

Answer : The web page invokes a JavaScript that leads the user to another page

Which performance test objectives are the stable enough to go into production?
a. Acceptance
b. Regression
c. Component
d. Volume

Answer : Acceptance

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