Retail App Testing Questions and Answers

Retail App Testing | Mock Test

EC describes best amongs below
a. Enterprise customer system
b. Enterprise consumer system
c. Enterprenour customer
d. Enterprenour cunsumer

Answer : Enterprise customer system

Types of Exchanges are applicable in retail industry1. Even Exchange2. Odd Exchange3. Un even Exchange4. Four square Exchange
a. 1, 2 and 3
b. 2, 3 and 4
c. 1 and 3
d. 2 and 4

Answer : 1 and 3

Which one is not Functions of POS
a. Maintains sales history
b. Maintians the Supplier History
c. Keep track of business cash flow
d. Analyze sales data

Answer : Maintians the Supplier History

Which one is not part of Globlization
a. Retail consolidation
b. Global Security
c. Global supply chains
d. Global power brands

Answer : Global Security

To set up Location of Departments in store which one point is not correct
a. Impulse products
b. Seasonal needs
c. Validity of the product
d. Adjacent departments

Answer : Validity of the product

What are Rebates
a. Enhance and maintain the company philosophy and image
b. incentive programs sponsored by the retailer and manufacturers
c. Manage inventory while addressing customer need and demand
d. Support and execute the overall merchandising strategy

Answer : incentive programs sponsored by the retailer and manufacturers

___________ is the process of moving received inventory from the dock or kitting area to a storage bin.
a. Replenishment
b. Crossdocking
c. Marshaling
d. Putaway

Answer : Putaway

_____________ uses a system where one LCD display device is located next to the pick slot/bin for each item. Sometimes there will be one device for two items.
a. PTL
b. RF
d. VDP

Answer : PTL

______________ provides broken case storage and picking functions for compiling orders.
a. Selective/Reserve Rack
b. Full Pallet Flow
c. Carton Flow
d. Shelving

Answer : Carton Flow

_________________ replenishment works well for unpredictable SKU demand or very slow moving SKUs.
a. Opportunistic Replenishment
b. Lean Time Replenishment
c. Wave Demand Replenishment
d. Emergency Replenishment

Answer : Wave Demand Replenishment

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