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What is the optimum Static Resource Size for an Organization?
a. 100 MB
b. 150 MB
c. 250 MB
d. 350 MB

Answer : 350 MB

In Sales Cloud how can we Route Leads to Queues?
a. Using Workflows
b. Using Assignment Rules
c. Admins perform Manually
d. Only Super User can route manually

Answer : Using Assignment Rules

What is a Lemmatization in Service cloud?
a. Grouping combination of case sensitive words as a single term
b. Concatinating group of words
c. Process of combining diff. words so they can be analyzed as a single term
d. Process of grouping together the different forms of a word so they can be
analyzed as a single term.

Answer : Process of grouping together the different forms of a word so they can be analyzed as a single term.

These records cannot be imported via the import wizards
a. Cases
b. Contacts
c. Assets
d. Customers

Answer : Assets

Which of the following represents controller in Model View Controller Model?
a. Page Layouts
b. Custom fields
c. Visual force pages
d. Apex classes

Answer : Apex classes

Which of the following can not be done via Workflow?
a. Create a task
b. Create an event
c. Create an email alert
d. Create an Outbound Message

Answer : Create an event

To configure your account you must have _____ permission for the Account permission
a. User
b. Role
c. Admin
d. View

Answer : View

What are the purpose of multi channel routing
a. Task Priority and Severity
b. Agent productivity and offering emails
c. Availability and accessibility
d. Universal Queue and Agent task

Answer : Agent productivity and offering emails

Automatically route cases to the appropriate user or queue and automatically add predefined case teams to the case.
a. Assignment Rules
b. Workflow rule
c. Auto response rules
d. Case queue

Answer : Assignment Rules

The Practice of using channels other than the phone to solve customer service issues.
a. Call scripting
b. Call deflection
c. Call efficiency
d. Call routing

Answer : Call deflection

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