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What does CTI stand for in Salesforce?
a. Center for Technical Integrations
b. Computer Telephony Integration
c. Common Telephony Integration
d. Call Center Technical Inegration

Answer : OPTION2

Where can we view all the list of Support interatctions and Manage?
a. Service Requests Tab
b. Incidents Tab
c. Cases Tab
d. Inquiries Tab

Answer : Incidents Tab

What type of software is Salesforce ?
a. SaaS
b. PaaS
c. Both SaaS and PaaS
d. On-Premise

Answer : PaaS

What type of report cannot be used to populate a chart in a dashboard?
a. Matrix
b. Tabular
c. Summary
d. Mailing

Answer : Tabular

Which of these is not a Salesforce feature?
a. Email to Lead
b. Web to Case
c. Email to Case
d. Web to Lead

Answer : Web to Case

Opportunity has the following characteristics,
a. Possible association with a service request
b. End date
c. Close Date
d. Revenue

Answer : End date

___________ Is an instance of a purchased product
a. Product line
b. Product Item
c. Asset
d. Product Catalog

Answer : Product Item

Competitor is beating us out of deals. Where to track competitor product info?
a. Product
b. Oppprotunity
c. Oppprotunity Product
d. Asset

Answer : Oppprotunity

Locations Where Cases can be routed to await agent processing.
a. Assignment Rules
b. Case Escalation
c. Case Queue
d. Auto Reponse

Answer : Case Escalation

Which are service center KPI measurements?
a. Call Handling
b. Call Deflection
c. Call Tracking
d. Call Divert

Answer : Call Deflection

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