SAP HR Testing Questions and Answers

SAP HR Testing | Mock Test


The term 401K represents __________
a. Health Plan
b. Insurance Plan
c. Savings Plan
d. Flexible spending Accounts

Answer : Savings Plan

The time interval for which the payroll is regularly performed is called as ____________
a. Payroll Area
b. Payroll Intervals
c. Payroll Period
d. Both A and C

Answer : Payroll Period

Time recording infotype ranges are _____
a. 0000 to 0999
b. 1000 to 1999
c. 2000 to 2999
d. 4000 to 4999

Answer : 2000 to 2999

What are the different tables which contains Payroll results under Payroll Program?
a. RT
b. CRT
c. BT
d. All of the above

Answer : All of the above

What is the First step in Payroll processing?
a. Start Payroll
b. Run Payroll
c. Change Master Data
d. Release Payroll

Answer : Release Payroll

____________ is used to classify employees in general terms.
a. Position
b. Job
c. Employee Sub Group
d. Employee Group

Answer : Employee Group

Overtime will be recorded in which of the below Time Infotype?
a. IT 2001
b. IT 2002
c. IT 2003
d. IT 2005

Answer : IT 2005

Pay Scale Structure Components are maintained in __________
a. IT 0000
b. IT 0001
c. IT 0007
d. IT 0008

Answer : IT 0008

Payroll Area will be assigned to an employee in ________
a. IT 0000
b. IT 0001
c. IT 0007
d. IT 0008

Answer : IT 0001

PCL2 cluster contains ______________
a. Employee Data
b. Payroll Data
c. Payroll Results
d. All of the above

Answer : Payroll Results

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