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By default, QuickTest records in the which recording mode
a. Normal
b. Analog
c. Low Level
d. None

Answer : Normal

Componenet migration in and out of QC is done using which module in SAP TAO
a. Process Flow analyzer
b. Connect
c. Import/Export
d. Consolidate

Answer : Import/Export

Repository provides information about
a. All Components and process flows in a project
b. All business processes if there are any changes made to SAP solution
c. Both
d. None

Answer : All Components and process flows in a project

SAP TAO is mainly used for
a. Business Process Component Execution
b. Test Components Generation
c. Test Components Maintainence
d. Both C and B

Answer : Both C and B

Movement type is
a. 5 digit
b. 4 digit
c. 2 digit
d. 3 digit

Answer : 3 digit

Number assignment for batches can be defined at
a. Company code level
b. Purchasing org level
c. Client level
d. Storage bin level

Answer : Client level

P2P starts with which process
a. Source of supply assignment
b. Demand creation
c. Delivery of material by supplier
d. Creation of a purchase order

Answer : Demand creation

Purchase info record details are copied into
a. Purchase order
b. Purchase requistion
c. Goods receipt
d. Invoice verification

Answer : Purchase requistion

Which Infotype is used to modify the values of Organizational Assignment?
a. Infotype 0000
b. Infotype 0001
c. Infotype 0002
d. Infotype 0006

Answer : Infotype 0001

Which Objects is referred with Object type ‘K’?
a. Person
b. Cost Center
c. Position
d. Tasks

Answer : Cost Center

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