Securities and Capital Banking Questions and Answers

Securities and Capital | Banking | Mock Test

______ is the gross block less accumulated depreciation on assets.
a. Inventory
b. Net Block
c. Gross Block
d. Receivables

Answer : Net Block

______ need reports in making collective bargaining agreements(CBA) with the management.
a. Financial Analyst
b. Prospective Investors
c. Owners and managers
d. Employees

Answer : Employees

_______ explains the changes of the company’s equity throughout the reporting period.
a. Statement of Comprehensive Income
b. Financial Activities
c. Financial Statements
d. Statement of Changes in Equity

Answer : Statement of Changes in Equity

_______ is the sum total of all assets of the company valued at their cost of acquisitions.
a. Net Block
b. Inventory
c. Receivables
d. Gross Block

Answer : Gross Block

_____ makes it easier to focus on a specific area of the world.
a. Regional Funds
b. Ethical Funds
c. Sector Funds
d. Social responsible funds

Answer : Regional Funds

______ fund is known as an Asset Allocation fund.
a. Bond /Income Fudns
b. Money Market Funds
c. Both A and B
d. Balanced Funds

Answer : Balanced Funds
______ fund tend to be more volatile and have unique country and/or poilitical risks.
a. Balanced Funds
b. Equity Fudns
c. Global/ International Funds
d. Speciality Funds
Answer : Global/ International Funds

______ merely replicates the market return and benefits investors in the form of low fees.
a. Social responsible funds
b. Sector Funds
c. Index Funds
d. Regional Fudns

Answer : Index Funds

_______ consists of shortterm instruments, mostly Treasury bills and is a safe place to park money.
a. Balanced Funds
b. Money Market Funds
c. Both A and B
d. Only A

Answer : OPTION2

_______ is given freedom to switch the ratio of asset classes as the economy moves through the business cycle.
a. Equity Funds
b. Speciality Funds
c. Balanced Funds
d. Portfolio Manager

Answer : Portfolio Manager

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