Security- Malwares-Trojans-Virus MCQs

Security- Malwares-Trojans-Virus MCQs

Security- Malwares-Trojans-Virus Multiple Choice Questions with Answers contains set of 10 SecurityMCQ Questions With Answers which will help you to clear beginner level quiz.

Q.1 What do we mean by Endpoint Security?

a. protecting  host in an enterprise including servers, workstations

b. security policy

c. vpn security

d. Gateway security

ANS- a


Q.2 What do we mean by Computer virus ?

a. a block of executable code

b. Database code

c. embedded code.

d. unix code

ANS- a


Q.3 What does the term ” worm” stands for ?

a. primary code

b. warning code

c. black box code

d. Replicate or migrate after attachment



Q.4 Symptoms of computer viruses ?

a. computer runs slower than usual

b. computer stops responding, or it locks up frequently

c. Disks or disk drives are inaccessible

d. All above

Ans- d


Q.5 Which is not a file extension ?

a. jpg

b. gif

c. exe

d. ccc

Ans- d


Q.6 not a reason of viruses spread out ?

a. pendrive

d. emails

c. floppy

d. sdesk

Ans- d



Q.7what are morphing virus ?

a. Can modify themselves  to avoid detection

b. spread themselves

c. take remote access

d. mitigation nature



Q.8 What are stealth virus ?

a. attack on hidden files

b. able to hide themselves

c. recognizance attacks

d. depth penetration

Ans- b


Q.9 Firewalls can be types of ?

a. Software

b. Hardware

c. Software and hardware

d. embedded

Ans- c


Q.10  What  is honey pot attack?

a. dummy device put into the network to attract attackers

b. single line threat

c. Ip spoofing bypass

d. recongnisation attack

Ans-  a


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