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A sales manager creates an opportunity and populates the Sales Region. He now wants to assign the Sales Team. Which of the following option should he choose?
a. Batch assignment
b. Interactive assignment
c. Dynamic assignment
d. Click on Assign button

Answer : Batch assignment

An opportunity for West Sales Region is assigned a Sales Team
a. Compare to Person
b. Compare to Object
c. Compare Object to Person
d. Compare to Organization

Answer : Compare to Object

Assignment Manager cannot be invoked in following modes?
a. Interactive
b. Real-time
c. Batch
d. Static

Answer : Static

Which one of the following frames contains the Views?
a. Banner Frame
b. Screenbar Frame
c. Viewbar Frame
d. Content Frame

Answer : Content Frame

Which one of the following is not a valid applet type?
a. Explore View
b. Chart
c. Catalog list
d. Object Navigator

Answer : Object Navigator

A business object contains
a. One and only one business component
b. Only 1 business component
c. Relationship between component
d. Mapping between Applet and components

Answer : Relationship between component

A person wants to drill down from contact list applet to employee read only list applet by clicking on the owner by field? How he will be able to achieve that?
a. Under source field give ID.
b. Give id under destination field
c. give the hyperlink field as owner by and destination view.
d. give name under destination field

Answer : give the hyperlink field as owner by and destination view.

Data Object consist of
a. Business Component
b. Tables
c. Field
d. Relationship

Answer : Tables

CTI is the acronym for?
a. Customer Telesales Interaction
b. Customer Telephony Integration
c. Computer Telephony Integration
d. Customer Telesales Interaction

Answer : Computer Telephony Integration

For a prospective customer what should be the Status once he has been promoted to a Contact?
a. Candidate
b. Qualified
c. Active
d. Promoted

Answer : Qualified

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