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Siebel Testing | Mock Test


What happens when no View of a Screen is assigned
a. Site Map is not visible
b. Screen is present with complete view
c. Screen is not visible
d. Error

Answer : Site Map is not visible

Which entities are position based?
a. Opportunity
b. Change Request
c. Pricing Request
d. Entity Defect

Answer : Opportunity

Which entity belong to a team?
a. Activity
b. Opportunity
c. Task
d. Event

Answer : Opportunity

Which of the following entities u will associate with one person?
a. Contacts
b. accounts
c. opportunities
d. service request

Answer : service request

Siebel File system does not contain
a. Product literature
b. Presentations
c. Activities
d. Sales Tools

Answer : Activities

Type of servers not used
a. Siebel Server
b. Application server
c. DB server
d. Web Server

Answer : DB server

Data table stores data regarding
a. Business Data
b. Administrative Data
c. Transaction Data for Mobile Users
d. Seed Data

Answer : Business Data

Functionality of Gateway server
a. Isolates Siebel servers
b. Assigns work based on components requested by SWSE
c. Controls server components
d. Directs client request on mobile client connections

Answer : Assigns work based on components requested by SWSE

Among the following which is not a characteristic of Opportunity
a. Possible association with a service request
b. End date
c. Close Date
d. Potential Revenue

Answer : End date

An Employee Application can be used by?
a. Used by employees only
b. Used by providers
c. External application
d. Used by merchants and customers

Answer : Used by employees only

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