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[SOAP UI] Script assertions are written in ?
a. Groovy
b. Ruby
d. Java

Answer : Groovy

[SOAP UI] Total number of test steps in a project can be seen here
a. Environment
b. TestSuites
c. Configuration
d. Overview

Answer : Overview

[SOAP UI] What must exist before a completing a Property transfer step?
a. Property
b. Body
c. Property Value
d. Default value for the Property

Answer : Property

[SOAP UI] How to generate random data in SOAPUI Pro?
a. Data gen step
b. Data source step
c. Data sink step
d. Data CSV step

Answer : Data gen step

[SOAP UI] Which step is used to write properties to external Data source?
a. Data Sink
b. Groovy Script
c. DataSource Loop
d. Data Gen

Answer : Data Sink

[SOAP UI] Which tab can you specify WSS TimetoLive?
a. Form
b. Raw
c. AUT
d. Miscellaneous

Answer : Form

[SOAP UI] Which step can be used to jump to a particular step?
a. gotoStepByName
b. JumpTo
c. Exec.NextNode
d. MoveStepByName

Answer : JumpTo

[SOAP UI] Which language is used to write custom code in SOAPUI?
a. Ruby
b. Groovy
c. Java
d. ECMA Scripts

Answer : Ruby

[SOAP UI] Which option allows selection of a local file to which the properties should be written
a. Select Properties Target
b. Write Properties
c. Select Properties Source
d. Load Properties

Answer : Select Properties Source

[SOAP UI] Which event is triggered to all applicable TestRunListeners before starting the Test Case?
a. beforeRun
b. onRun
c. tearUP
d. beforeTest

Answer : beforeRun

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