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“A JMS server can be targeted to which two options?
A. Machine
B. Server instance
C. Cluster
D. Migratable target
E. JMS Application module”
a. A and B
b. B and D
c. A and C
d. D and E

Answer : B and D

“In Weblogic, Through the console the Administrator can set a “_______ Time-to-Live” parameter for a JMS Connection Factory.
A. IP packet
B. Default
C. Minimum
D. Maximum
E. Initial”
a. B
b. C
c. D
d. E

Answer : B

“WebLogic clusters utilize IP multicast for which two types of communication?
A. Cluster-wide “heartbeats”
B. Intra-cluster EJB Stateless Session Bean invocations
C. JNDI Tree updates
D. Non-critical Domain log events
E. Invocations of RMI objects utilizing the publish/subscribe model defined in the RMI API.”
a. A and C
b. A and B
c. C and D
d. D and E

Answer : A and C

Where do you set the class path for WebLogic server in Windows
a. WL_HOME/server/bin/setWLSEnv.sh
b. WL_HOME\server\bin\setWLSEnv.cmd
c. WL_HOME\server\common\setWLSEnv.cmd
d. WL_HOME\server\common\bin\setWLSEnv.cmd

Answer : WL_HOME\server\bin\setWLSEnv.cmd

The Tree View pane of the WebLogic Console is not visible in my browser, possible reason could be
a. Managed server not running
b. Node Manager nt running
c. Java Plug-In not enabled
d. None of the above

Answer : Java Plug-In not enabled

Traditionally httpd.conf in apache is edited for
a. resource settings
b. security settings
c. general settings
d. firewall settings

Answer : general settings

Traditionally, srm.conf in apache is edited for
a. firewall settings
b. security settings
c. general settings
d. resource settings

Answer : resource settings

When Apache first starts, what is the order in which .conf files are processed
a. “1. httpd.conf
2. srm.conf
3. access.conf”
b. “1. httpd.conf
2. access.conf
3. srm.conf”
c. “1. srm.conf
2. httpd.conf
3. access.conf”
d. “1. access.conf
2. srm.conf
3. httpd.conf

Answer : “1. httpd.conf
2. srm.conf
3. access.conf”

Where is httpd.conf located in Unix based systems?
a. /etc/httpd.conf
b. /etc/bin/httpd.conf
c. /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
d. None of the above

Answer : /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

The -n option to specify a service name while installing is only available with ____________
a. Apache 1.3.7 and later.
b. Apache 1.2 and later.
c. Apache 1.1.7 and later.
d. Apache 1.4.1 and later.

Answer : Apache 1.3.7 and later.

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