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1. User can have same A/C ID in diff., app.,

Answer: True 
2. On A/C collector can be used to collect from AD and LDAP
Answer: False 
3. Multi app collector can be used to collect from multiple data source
Answer: False 
4. Which format cannot be used to collect data only form identity collector
Answer: Xml 
5. Access governance means
Answer: whether the user access should continue or not 
6. Identity management means
Answer: whether user has what access and have 
7. File 1 has user to A/C mapping:
File 2 has account to entitlement;
File 3 app role to entitlement mapping;
How many entitlements collectors are needed to collect entitlement?
Answer: one entitlement collector 
8. Can accounts be group by keyword in A/C SQL Query?
Answer: True 
9. Which collector type can be used only for a/c & entitlement collector?
Answer: J2EE 
10. Which of the following are access governance tool
a) Aveksa
b) sail point
c) CA site minder
d) All of the above
Answer: All of the above 

11. . can customer dashboards be used to customize for particular set of users
Answers: True 
12. File 1 contains 100 a/c , 20 orphans , 1 entitlement, how many a/c will be collected in a/c review
Answer: 80 accounts 
13. File 1 contains 100 a/c , 20 orphans , 1 entitlement, how many entitlements will be collected in entitlement review
Answers: 100 entitlements 
14. Which of the following is not a data type?
Answer: char 
15. Aveksa collects data from database?
Answer: true 
16. For identity unification which of the following is true
Answer: two or more identity collectors can be used 
17. User group can be collected in identity collector
Answer: True 
18. Is it possible to collect A/c’s data from various data source by using unification
Answer: False 
19. The account which do not have valid identity in aveska is
Answer: Orphan account 
20. . The data collected by account collector is
Answer: user a/c mapping; accounts; group 
21. Is it possible to use single identity collector to collect data from LDAP&AD
Answer: False 
22. In accounts review the orphan accounts will be?
Answer: under unassigned  
23. Is it possible to customize the custom dashboard for a set of users?
Answer: True 
24. Is it possible to collect entitlement data from single EC from database and a flat file?
Answer: False 
25. An ACL contains accounts to user mapping (valid & orphan account) will it reject or create a unique account in APP?
Answer: unique account in APP 
26. Single account collector can be used for diff, app, at the same time?
Answer: No 
27. Can we give access of dashboard to particular set of users
Answer: Yes 
28. Which file format cannot be collected in identity collector?
Answer: Needs to be checked. 

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